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#107384 - Диски SC 1/8 - AH-64 BLACK (42x83mm/2шт) hex17mm

Apache C1/SC

Снято с производства, Замена: #107855

Spare part for the Apache SC Flux desert racing buggy, also an optional wheel for the Apache C1 short course racing truck. These wheels have a standard 17mm hex size which means they can be fitted to any 1/8th buggy that uses a 17mm hex hub.

These wheels are primarily designed to be used with #107383 Yokohama Geolander Tyres which have a high outer side wall to give an authentic short course look. But any standard size 1/8th buggy tyres can be fitted by using the included rubber adapter ring to simulate a high side wall tyre, so you can get the perfect combination of looks and performance for your Apache kit.

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