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#106724 - Диски трак 1/10 - WARLOCK BLACK (2.2in) 2шт с крепежем


These ultra-functional wheels are inspired by the 1:1 Warlock off-road truck wheel manufactured by AXIS. This version of the Warlock is scaled down from the Savage X size and measure 2.2 inches across, to fit a huge range of 1/10th scale truck tires.

These are perfect for changing the look of your Savage XS, Firestorm or E-Firestorm truck! Available in a range of colors and finishes:
#105280 WARLOCK WHEEL BLACK CHROME (2.2in/2pcs)
#106722 WARLOCK WHEEL CHROME (2.2in/2pcs)
#106726 WARLOCK WHEEL WHITE (2.2in/2pcs) Sold in pairs.

The Warlock 1/10th scale wheels are also a direct fit on the Firestorm line of trucks!

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