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#101856 - Программатор регуляторов FLUX RELOAD (V2)


Снято с производства, Замена: #160014

Easily and quickly change the settings on your Flux Reload, Flux Rage, Flux Pro competition and WP-series Flux speed controllers with this simple to use ESC Program Box V2!

With the ESC Program Box V2 you'll be able to make fast setup changes in the pits without any complex button-pressing or looking at the manual - it's the ideal solution for racers and anyone who wants to tinker with their power setup! You can change settings in the pits without using a computer, with the value of each setting displayed on the screen of the Program Box.

Compatible speed controllers include:
#101278 - Flux Reload Brushless ESC
#101712 - Flux Rage 1:8th scale 80Amp Brushless ESC
#101749 - Flux Reload V2 Waterproof Brushless ESC
#112851 - Flux EMH-3S Brushless ESC
#120021 - Flux ELH-6S Brushless ESC

Download the USB Reload software (right-click and choose Save As) - requires Administrator rights to install and run.
Note: Always make sure that you have the latest software installed.
Check the version number of the latest available download and compare it to your installed software to be sure.

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