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#100410 - Рычаги задние COMPOSITE (FIRESTORM) 2шт

FIRESTORM / Lightweight and stiff composite material.

Replace the stock rear arms of your Firestorm truck with extra-stiff carbon graphite rear suspension arms for more consistent suspension action!

Racers need to have the shocks and suspension geometry do all the work of getting control and power to the ground through the tyres, and one of the best ways to do that is to make sure that the suspension arms are as stiff as possible. In tough racing conditions these arms resist flexing under most conditions, providing you with a solid platform to get serious about suspension tuning! An added benefit of graphite suspension arms is that they are very lightweight, reducing unsprung weight for quick suspension action. Fits only the nitro Firestorm truck. For the E-Firestorm, use #100409. At the front of your Firestorm, use #100408 Graphite Front Suspenion Arms.

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