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Jumpshot FLUX SC TOYO TIRES Edition!

The Jumpshot is a globally renowned RC fun-machine and the perfect way to get a quick fix of HPI RC excitement in gardens, dirt tracks and just about anywhere. So much so that leading tire brand Toyo Tires put this Jumpshot SC complete with special edition livery and 1/10th scale replicas Open Country M/T off road tires, center stage in a national TV ad campaign!

What's more this brushless beast turbo charges the fun with a FLUX 3S speed controller and 4000KV FLUX motor! Simply add a LiPo pack to unlock insane stunts, wheelies on command and all out crazy speed runs!!

Due to popular demand, we're stoked to release this special
edition to the world as a Toyo Tires officially
licensed product!



Brushed & Micro versions also available

The FASTER, TOUGHER, MEANER! ethos of the Jumpshot V2 - Now with added FLUX! means you get several new parts & updates to make sure the Jumpshot SC is your FIRST choice when it comes to fun and exciting RC action! 


The Jumpshot FLUX is fitted with the awesome FLUX MMH-4000 motor, tried and tested across our range of 1/10th scale cars. Thanks to the robust FLUX EMH-3S speed controller, you can strap in your choice of 2S or 3S LiPo power.

HPI FLUX Tough: From the Inside Out

With the Jumpshot FLUX we haven't merely upgraded the electronics - we've re-enforced the entire drivetrain because we know the kind of ballistic action FLUX power is capable of and just how much HPI fans will love to blast these trucks on all terrains!

Official Toyo Tires LIVERY!

The Jumpshot SC FLUX Toyo Tires Edition features an officially licensed Toyo Tires livery that really sets off the racing scheme and with the racing numbers, stabilising wings, aggressive black wheels and chunky all-terrain official 1/10th Open Country M/T off road tires tires, it all adds up to a look and style that can't be beat at any track or RC park!

Jumpshot FLUX - Packed with Features!

The Jumpshot FLUX line-up is loaded with features that will keep you driving for hours! In the middle of the Savage-style TVP chassis, the radio box is protected from the elements, and the steering features not just a sturdy direct-link steering system but also a water-resistant steering servo for extreme protection. A powerful rear-wheel 2WD drivetrain lets you kick out the rear end for extreme fun, on-road or off! Now the awesome FLUX MMH-4000 motor, tried and tested across our range of 1/10th scale cars, works with the robust FLUX EMH-3S speed controller so you can simply strap in your choice of 2S or 3S LiPo to give the Jumpshot a thrilling blast of power! At the rear, the new beefed-up, extra-durable gears, diff and metal motor mount are housed in a new protective cover and are tougher than ever, while up front the V2 servo saver with stronger upper suspension links also make the front end and steering extra-rugged for driving over the rough stuff! 

Like all HPI cars and trucks, a complete set of ball bearings lets you get the most out of every battery pack without losing any power from the brushless motor fitted at the back of the chassis. This means you can blast through any type of terrain you want, whether it's grass, mud, asphalt, gravel or anything else! 


2.4Ghz Radio System

Easy To Drive!

The Jumpshot SC FLUX is super-easy to drive and get familiar with – all you have to do is plug in the battery of your choice, then switch on the radio and car. It’s that easy! To drive the truck, simply pick up the controller with your left hand, put your left index finger into the trigger area, and then put your right hand on the steering wheel – it’s as natural as driving a real car! Turn the wheel to go left and right, and gently pull on the trigger with your left index finger to go forwards. To stop the Jumpshot SC FLUX, gently push away from you with your left index finger - to go into reverse, release and push away a second time. It takes just moments to get used to this easy operation, and in no time at all you’ll be ripping off jaw-dropping, big-air jumps and stunts!

Full Adjustability and Tuning Potential!

The Jumpshot SC FLUX drives and performs fantastic right out of the box, however if you want to, it's easy and quick to adjust plenty of settings, exactly like a real short course truck! Adjustments such as ride height, shock angle and more are merely a turn away with your fingers or a wrench if you want to dive under the hood – HPI make it easy to be your own short course truck mechanic AND driver! More complex adjustments such as camber settings can be done with option parts you can get from your RC hobby shop. 


Officially licensed Toyo Tires Open Country M/T for non-stop action!

The Jumpshot SC FLUX Toyo Tires edition is ready for anything, thanks to a set of rugged all-terrain tires and wheels that let you take it anywhere you like! Tackle terrain anywhere with real rubber tires designed to handle dirt, grass, gravel and loads more! Just like the world renowned full-scale Open Country M/T tires, you can hit the wet stuff, too: the extra-wide tires let you roll over mud, snow as well as over jumps and any obstacles that may get in your way! The tires are wrapped around aggressive looking black wheels that look great whether the Jumpshot SC FLUX is sitting on your shelf or kicking up mud and rocks as it's flying across a stream. 


The Jumpshot SC FLUX is built just like the legendary and award-winning Savage, with a TVP (Twin Vertical Plate) lightweight aluminum chassis that runs from the front to the rear. Sandwiched between the chassis plates are the battery and electronics boxes, plus the steering module and transmission with the suspension mounts. This makes the Jumpshot SC extra-strong and super durable so you can have fun for hours and hours! 



With durable skid plates front and rear, ribbed battery box door and Savage-style TVP (Twin Vertical Plate) lightweight aluminum chassis, the Jumpshot SC is made to take anything you can throw at it! Tough yet flexible suspension parts flex when the truck hits something hard, and the wheels are made from impact-resistant nylon plastic material so they won't split or crack under pressure. The Jumpshot SC is made to take a beating!


The Jumpshot SC is equipped with long-stroke, oil-filled shocks just like you see on real short course trucks! The outside of each shock absorber is threaded so you can quickly adjust the ride height: lower the truck for on-road action, and raise it for big-air stunts!



We've bolstered up everything inside the Jumpshot FLUX gearbox with new metal Top, Middle, & Differential Transmission Gears - revised tooth profile for improved gear mesh and lower rolling resistance. Plus a metal Motor Mount Plate Insert. Not only that, we've now also fully enclosed the Spur Gear Cover and added a rubber cap to access the slipper clutch. So not only are the gears tougher than ever - they'll also stay free of all the dirt and debris the Jumpshot loves to kick up! 


Inside the Metal Differential you can see the sealed oil filled 4-Bevel gear design which uses the internal gears we've tried and tested across the Savage XS, RS4 Sport 3 and Bullet ranges!

Spur Gear Cover

NEW: Shielded from the elements

We've installed a new gear cover on the new rear mounted gear box to protect these all-important moving parts from dust and debris. Plus not only have we made the cover transparrent to you can keep tabs on the inner workings, but we've also added a rubber cap to allow for easy access to the slipper clutch.

Motor Mount

NEW: Rugged and ready running gear!

When we say this is the toughest Jumpshot ever - we're not kidding! Not only are we going all-metal for the transmission gears and differential, we've also redesigned the gearbox with strength and resilience at its heart and even a metal motor mount plate insert to ensure that all this FLUX power is delivered to maximum effect.



Thanks to a series of extra-durable features, you're able to drive the Jumpshot SC FLUX in conditions ranging from dry and dusty to wet and muddy! The electronic speed controller is fully waterproof and the steering servo is water-resistant - both are also protected by their position in the chassis itself, so there's very little that can affect them. The receiver is also completely waterproof, as well as enclosed within a protective box, just like the battery on the bottom of the chassis.


The Jumpshot SC features a hinged battery door underneath the chassis so you don't need to take the body off to change battery packs. Driving with your friends has never been so easy! The battery door is secured with a metal clip and the full-length ribbing allows it to function as a chassis skidplate.  The Jumpshot SC FLUX easily fits all popular battery sizes, from 6- and 7-cell flat style NiMH packs and even 2S & 3S LiPo packs! 

  • Factory-built Ready To Run 2WD short course truck
  • NEW! Metal Top & Middle Transmission Gears
  • NEW! Revised tooth profile for improved gear mesh and lower rolling resistance 
  • NEW! Metal Differential - Sealed oil filled 4-Bevel gear design
  • NEW! Fully enclosed Spur Gear Cover with Rubber Cap to access slipper clutch
  • NEW! Rear Gear Box with Metal Motor Mount Plate Insert
  • Short Course truck style body with officially licensed Toyo Tires livery
  • 1/10th scale replica Open Country M/T off road tires
  • Tough aluminum TVP chassis design
  • Battery box fits 6- or 7-cell NiMH flat style stick packs and 2S & 3S LiPo packs
  • Battery easily accessible from bottom of chassis
  • NEW! FLUX MMH-4000 motor and FLUX EMH-3S ESC
  • Enclosed receiver box
  • 2.4 GHz radio system
  • Oil-filled shock absorbers
  • Double-wishbone suspension design
  • Sturdy body mounts
  • Standard 12mm hex hub wheel fitting
  • Black 8-spoke wheels

Get the FREE Jumpshot FLUX Poster & Manual here!

#160268 Jumpshot SC FLUX Toyo Tires Edition

1/10th 2WD Electric Short Course Truck

Length: 560mm
Width: 295mm
Height: 190mm
Wheelbase: 335mm
Weight: 1.95kg

What you need:
4 AA batteries for transmitter:
HPI Recommends #101939 Plazma AA batteries

2S or 3S LiPo pack with T-plug:
HPI Recommends #160161 2S LiPo or #160162 3S LiPo

Battery charger for truck battery:
HPI Recommends:
Reactor 600 - #160236 (US), #160237 (UK), #160238 (EU), #160239 (AUS) or,
Reactor 200 – #118049 (US), #118050 (UK), #118051 (EU)

Specification may be subject to change

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