Q32 Q-Club Wallride and Take-Off Plans Now Available!

Tue, 24th February 2015

Join the many thousands of Baja Q32 fans around the world who've made their own stunt park to enjoy the Q32 in its element! This week, we're launching (literally!) the Wallride and Take-Off Ramp, complete with printable plans so you can make awesome new additions to your Q-Club stunt park!



You can see the Wallride and Take-Off Ramp in our super-cool Q32 video! 

Click HERE to play the Baja Q32 video!




Download ALL of the exclusive HPI Q-Club Stunt Templates right here!





When you're blasting around your Q-Club stunt park, post a video online with the hashtags #hpi #q32 #qclub and share it with your friends on the HPI Racing Facebook page! 


More Q-Club Stunt Park Plans Coming Soon!

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