LRP-HPI Challenge Nationals

Fri, 5th August 2011

LRP recently organized the 2011 LRP-HPI Challenge Nationals for Germany near Dresden, with 200 entries spread over 6 different classes of racing! Rookie racers raced with kits such as the Maverick Strada TC, a 'Classic' class included vintage/retro cars such as the HPI Camaro bodyshell on club-level cars like the Sprint 2 and HB Cyclone S, Stock 13.5 and 17.5 brushless racers using HB or HPI bodyshells, the 'Formel 1 Challenge' drivers all used the Formula Ten, and the Champions Challenge featured top-level racers such as Ronald Volker and Steven Weiss!

For all the details, click here to go to the LRP website!

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