New Cyber 10B off to a winning start

Fri, 6th February 2009

EBOR 24 Hour Endurance Race. How do you fit about two years racing into 1 day? Simple, make the race meeting run for 24 hours and use the same car. Sounds crazy, but the York Off-Road car club thought they were upto the challenge and just needed some insomniacs to have a go! The rules were simple to keep the 'racing' as close and credit crunch friendly as possible. 1 Car, minimum of 8 drivers, basic weight and width rules. Team HPI/Mirage decided to use this opportunity to debut the HPI Cyber 10B. The Cyber 10B is aimed at the club racer who wants maximum performance for minimum bucks. The 10B is based around the hugely successful HB D4 WCE platform but revised to allow the use of stick pack LiPo batteries. Plastics replace carbon fibre so a bath tub chassis and moulded shock towers change the look completely from it's full-blown HB-brother.

The car was given a few option parts from the D4 like CVD's to aid efficiency, WCE shocks and a few of it's own; heat sink motor mount. The Team (& running order) Adam Skelding Richard Lowe Graham Alsop Jon Bowden James Ambrose Ian Barnard James Stewart Rachel Merry A quick shake-down of the car in the 1 hour practice period would allow any final set-up changes to be made and check on the duration of the car for each type of battery. The Race. Luckily there was no running from the pits to start your car and get going just a plain old mass-start. The mass-start caused quite a pile up within feet of the line, luckily the Cyber 10B, piloted by Adam Skelding for the first stint had got away safely and was following round the A-Team (Team Assoiciated)'s buggy piloted by Paul Bradby. The two drivers had a close duel to say it was the start of an endurance race, but pride was as stake and eventually the Cyber 10B pulled a move on the Associated car and began to pull away. It had been decided that each driver would drive for 1 pack and then change, (driver changes took less time than the battery change), which on the Cyber 10B was easily completed in 10 seconds, due to it's clever battery tray. This strategy would hopefully keep the drivers fresh for each stint they would do and spread the workload across the team. Successful stints by Richard and Graham had the Cyber 10B infront and opening up a gap. Then disaster, during Jon's stint a car got sideways on the straight and Jon collected it breaking a front shock shaft in a heavy impact. A pair of pre-built shocks were quickly put on the car and the Cyber was out on track but had lost 9 laps, at such an early point in the race this dropped the team to 5th. Later on in the first 'round' of driver line-up the team suffered another set-back as the 2.4 GHz system went haywire. After numerous attempts to 're-bind' the car, the 2.4 was ditched for normal 40MHz. this had lost the team loads of time and they were back in last place. With almost all hope seemingly lost in the first couple of hours the team were dejected. Personal battles on the track between the team members got the spirits back up as each driver tried to do the fastest lap they could with the car. Richard and Graham were battling for top spot and getting close to the sub 20 second lap, other teams were in the mid 21's to high 20's. This battle had an unnoticed side-effect and the team were gradually gaining on the teams in front. Also, with timed pit stops, the car never got stuck out on track with a 'flat' battery and was constantly moving.

During the 'Night-Shift' some team members took time to catch some sleep while others stayed up and ground out the laps through the night. To get back in contention, Richard took the first double stint and then went and got some rest. Graham , Adam and Jon B did some more double stints, before Jon B took to his double LiLo for 5 hours of sleep. James Ambrose and Ian Barnard took some double stints also whilst Rachel kept a keen eye on the clock calling us in for 'Fuel!' Someone really should have told her we're not Graham and it's not Nitro racing ;). A very successful night shift had the team now in 2nd place, behind Team Schumacher. Other teams had been picked off during the night with seamless running, tyre changes and battery changes. The chase was on. The 'Schumacher' team hadn't fallen foul of any bad luck and their lead could be caught just by the sheer pace of the Cyber 10B, but surely their car couldn't hold out for the whole race......could it. With 6 hours to go. Team Mirage had the leaders in their sights, the gap had come down from 97 laps at it's largest to a measly 20 laps. With 5 hours to go the Cyber 10B was still going strong, at this point the 'Schumacher' team ran into motor trouble, their motor had overheated and expired. Within minutes the HPI/Mirage Team overhauled the deficit and started to stretch out a lead of their own. By the time the 'Schumacher' team had got their car running again, HPI/Mirage were 55 laps up. Now the pressure was on HPI/Mirage to keep their car running. Regular temp checking of the motor showed it to be hovering around the 60°C mark, which was a shock to everyone to say it had been running for nearly 20 hours non-stop. The Speedo was running around the 45°C mark again unbelievably cool for such long running. Going into the last hour the lead had steadily built up to around 70 laps. The team took a no-risks approach, happily letting cars back through as our lead would become unassailable with 25 minutes left. We had to keep the car running though and have it cross the line at the end of the race. 'Schumacher' had more motor / Speedo troubles in the last hour and the AE Team soon overhauled them thanks to some stellar driving by Neil Cragg. So after 24 hours on track, Rachel Merry brought the car home on the final lap clocking up 3653 laps. An amazing achievement for a box standard car with a few option parts, no doubling up of components or adding strength, just straight out of the box / packet and onto the track. The final finishing order was:

Team Name Laps Car
HPI/Mirage 3653 HPI Cyber 10B
A-Team 3564 AE B4
Nov-Trak-Macher-Tech 3561 Schumacher CAT SX
XFactory/LRP 3532 X6 Squared
XTreme-RC 3421 Predator X11
York 3084 AE B4
Morley Models 3003 AE B44
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