TVP Chassis Set (Savage XL 5.9 Gunmetal)

TVP Chassis Set (Savage XL 5.9 Gunmetal)

3mm thick 6061 Gunmetal anodized aluminum alloy TVP chassis plates for the Savage XL 5.9! This version of the chassis plates features the updated Savage XL laser-engraved graphics! See below for kit reference. Genuine HPI quality spare part for easy maintenance and repairs...

Flux Reload Program Box V3

Flux Reload Program Box V3

Easily and quickly change the settings on your Flux EMH-3S, Flux Rage and Flux ELH-6S speed controllers with this simple-to-use ESC Program Box V3! With the ESC Program Box V3, you'll be able to make fast setup changes in the pits without any complex button-pressing or...

Pro-Series Silicone Diff Oil 100,000Cst (60cc)

Pro-Series Silicone Diff Oil 100,000Cst (60cc)

New 100,000 CST Added to the line-up! HPI Pro-Series Silicone Diff Oil is available for racers and hobbyists to refill and rebuild their diffs. This pro-grade oil is manufactured from pure silicone for resistance to temperature variations and weather conditions. A full

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Sport 3 Sway Bar Set

Sport 3 Sway Bar Set

HPI Sport 3 owners can now add a wide range of suspension tuning settings with this new Sway Bar Set. This set is precision manufactured to HPI...

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