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#3711 - MESH WHEEL 26mm BLACK (1mm OFFSET)

A full range of Mesh Wheels 26mm have joined HPI's extensive line-up of Touring Car wheels. The mesh design replicates the racing wheels of full-size race cars, so racers are sure to find these wheels very popular. Full scale racing cars use the mesh design because it is lightweight, very strong, and looks great. The HPI Mesh Wheel has all of those benefits and is available in White, Black and Chrome.

All three colours are available in different offsets. We've added the wheel size and offset information to the mold so that racers can easily identify the size of the wheel. All the features of the Mesh Wheels will combine to make these very popular wheels for racers. #3710 Mesh Wheel 26mm White #3711 Mesh Wheel 26mm Black #3712 Mesh Wheel 26mm Chrome #3715 Mesh Wheel 26mm White (3mm Offset) #3716 Mesh Wheel 26mm Black (3mm Offset) #3717 Mesh Wheel 26mm Chrome (3mm Offset)

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