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The perfect nitro engine tuning tool has arrived!

At one end of this wonderful tool is an accurate infra-red temperature sensor, and at the other is a flat blade screwdriver for tuning all three needles of your nitro or gas engine!

You no longer have to take two tools trackside or bashing to obtain perfect engine tuning. Simply use the Pro-Series Tools Temp-Driver to check the temperature of your Nitro engine and tune it properly. Use the cone protector to accurately aim your sensor at the plug to obtain the correct temperature reading, then spin the tool in the palm of your hand and tune your engine to perfection.

The HPI Pro-Series Tools Temp-Driver is supplied in a metal tin which can be used to keep the driver in tip top shape whilst in your tool box. It's supplied with all you need. Just fit the batteries and the blade and your ready to go. The driver also comes with a high temperature rubber cone for accurate recording of temperature and also prevents the sensor from impact damage.

The HPI Pro-Series Tools Temp-Driver is also ideal for electric drivers wanting to keep an eye on their motor, speedo, battery or tire temperatures!

Measurement Temperature: -33° - 500°C (-27.4° - 932°F)
Operating Temperature: 0° - 50°C (32° - 122°F)
Storage Temperature: 10° - 40°C (50° - 104°F)
Accuracy: 2.0% of reading or 2.0°C, whichever is greater
Resolution: 0.1°C (0.1°F)
Response Time: 1 sec
Field of View: 1:1 optics ratio
Emissivity: 0.95 fixed
Auto Switch-off: 15 sec

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