Its a full feature 4WD RC car, but has the dimensions of a GTi. The shorter wheelbase gives the car sharper handling - great for smaller tracks or confined spaces. The factory assembled car comes with race breed suspension, oil filled shocks, 14 ball bearings and a high performance 4WD transmission. Full 190mm wide track, full size wheels and quality slick tyres give it 'Hard-To-Beat' on road performance. If you want to embarrass a 'Muscle Car' with a Saxo VTS or race againist more GTi's at the HPI Challenge, then be different and call your dealer today.
  • GTi wheelbase of 237mm
  • Full 190mm wide
  • Full Sized standard wheels
  • Full sized standard tyres
  • Tough chassis
  • Oil filled shocks
  • Full ball bearings
More details and photos will be available soon!

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