HPI Challenge Germany and Austria Full Steam Ahead!

Wed, 28th March 2018



The HPI Challenge, which currently runs in Germany and Austria as LRP-HPI-Challenge, continues to run strongly.
In April 1999, by request of HPI, HPI Challenge was launched in 12 countries worldwide. In Germany and Austria, the previous importer LRP was putting a lot of effort into the series and renamed it LRP-HPI-Challenge in July 2000. However LRP sadly became insolvent and the LRP electronic GmbH will be closed 31st of March 2018. Nevertheless the series, which continues to run strongly (last season was 85 races, 812 different starters making 2466 starts), will be continued by Ripmax GmbH as German and Austrian HPI distributor. Easy: Started as HPI Challenge, became LRP-HPI-Challenge now back to HPI Challenge!

What does it mean?:
The current season will continue including rules and rankings. Ripmax GmbH takes over the duties like insurance, raffle prices, numbers etc. and the database will move to www.hpiracing.com . After the national final (17.-19.th of August at Andernach) the 2018/2019 season will start, and only the new HPI tyres will be allowed than. Also we will launch a new class, Porsche Challenge which uses a new HPI Sport 3 Clubracer platform, HPI Porsche body and 21.5T brushless motor. HPI is looking into launching new electronics to support the Challenge, but in the meantime, at least incl. the national final, the current electronics will remain.
The future prospect is extremely positive: New HPI Material gives us the possibility to restart HPI Challenge in many countries worldwide, through our fantastic distributor network. Than we could do an HPI Challenge EC and maybe even WC in the future!
The first race under the new (old) name will be the Superlauf of all regions incl Austria, 6.-8th of April in the famous Rheinard run Arena33. Already more than 160 starters registered and prove the continuous strength of the series!

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