HPI @ LatviaRX with Monster Energy!

Wed, 5th October 2016

HPI Racing was invited to the Latvian round of the FIA World Rallycross series at the amazing Bikernieki Racetrack to display the awesome size and power of the Baja 5SC large scale short course truck to rallycross fans AND some of the hottest rallycross drivers across Europe!

But before we could invite the world's fastest RX drivers to the HPI area...we had to actually build the track they'd be racing on! 

It all started as bare asphalt with a pile of tires at one side, when suddenly a Russian man arrived with 10 tons of clay and sand!

With the help of a mini-digger and a lot of sore muscles, the dirt was spread out and mixed together...

...jumps were built on top of the tires and finally the outer crowd barriers were put in place - the track was ready!

There was still plenty to do, like set up the tent and do some test driving:


Just testing some stuff #fiaworldrx #monsterenergy #bajasc #dirt

A video posted by HPI RACING (@hpiinstagram) on Sep 29, 2016 at 10:51am PDT

...but this was enough for Day 1!

When Friday evening rolled around, loads of Rallycross drivers started showing up to have a go and pit their skills against each other - but on the RC track! The full-size action would be kicking off on Saturday morning but now it was time to drive the Baja 5SC!

For many of the drivers it was their first time driving an RC vehicle, and no one was quite prepared for a RWD large scale truck...but that's what the training laps were for! Every driver had a handful of laps before getting 3 running hot laps - the fastest time would go on the board to compare with the times of every other driver that would take to the track!

With over 20 drivers on the board (over half the entire World Rallycross field!), at the end of the evening it was Hoonigan Racing Division's Andreas Bakkerud who would have the overall fastest lap time!

Of course, racers being racers...everyone wanted to be Andreas' top time - including local hotshot Reinis Nittis and Andreas himself! 

The following day, between demonstration runs of the Baja 5SC, specially-liveried WR8 Flux cars found time to get themselves on the track:

A video posted by HPI RACING (@hpiinstagram) on Oct 1, 2016 at 5:37am PDT

Over the weekend, scores of Golden Tickets were handed out at the Monster Rig Riot and afterwards for anyone who wanted to have a go with the Baja 5SC! The Monster Rig Riot is held at the huge Monster Rig, where the Monster Girls and Monster rallycross drivers threw out tons of Monster stickers, driver posters and hard-to-find Monster World RX shirts! 

With the Monster Rig Riot finished, we started to get loads of drivers coming over to the track, Golden Tickets in hand, all competing to see who would have the fastest time!

This was a unique way to actually race against real FIA World Rallycross stars on a real racetrack! 

The prizes at stake: an awesome Ken Block WR8 rallycross car for the fastest time, plus two Ken Block Micro RS4 cars for the second and third places - PLUS exclusive swag from Monster! 

Of course, everyone was there to see the full-size cars, so we had to head over to the Hoonigan Racing Division garage to check out the actual race cars driven by Ken and Andreas around the world!

And at the end of the weekend...tired, sore and more than a little bit wet...we were happy to say that it was a really great event for us - and thanks to the FIA World Rallycross team and Monster Energy all of us were #BakkerudBLUE

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