The first ever German LRP/HPI-Monster-Mania!

Tue, 18th May 2004

Over 100 monster truck enthusiasts from all over the country (Germany) are expected to attend this big event. Plenty of monster truck disciplines have been tested prior to the event to develop a great competition with a huge variety of monster truck action. All competitors have to prove their all-round talent both as a driver and a mechanic in order to score in each discipline. All scores will be weighted and will add up to an overall score. The various disciplines are:

  • Trial
  • Long jump
  • Speed race
  • Weight pulling
  • Track race
  • Concours d´ élégance
There will be an individual winner in each discipline and an overall champion across all disciplines – so drivers have the choice of specializing in one discipline or aiming for the best all-round performance.

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