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Savage/Only for use with #86357 Low CG Engine Plate


If you want to add real motorsport bling credibility to your Savage, these are the real deal Carbon Fiber Chassis plates that actually have performance purpose! They reposition the engine with a lower mounting position to give your Savage a lower center of gravity thus improving handling and stability. The carbon fiber characteristics are stiffer and more responsive than aluminum, plus the weight savings makes for a better power to weight ratio and this lends even the best drivers the tools for faster lap times on the track.

The Low CG Chassis plates lower the engine a full 12mm from stock position, giving all HPI Savages a lower centre of gravity, improved handing, excellent stability and faster lap times on the track. The Low CG Chassis Graphite should only be used with the #86357 Low CG Engine Plate and is a spare part for the #87248 Savage Low CG Chassis Set. The Low CG Savage chassis plates are also available in black Aluminium: #73931 LOW CG CHASSIS 2.5mm (BLACK}

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