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#160130 - Center Diff Set

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Transform the handling of you Savage Flux V2 with this Center Differential Set.

The center differential allows the front and rear axles of the vehicle to rotate at a different speed depending on the traction levels at each axle: lower traction = faster speed. The effect is to allow you to accelerate harder before the front end of the vehicle lifts and flips over, but this comes at the expense standing backflips and makes it harder to wheelie.

The center differential uses the same case and internal gears as the front and rear differentials, and is a sealed design so it can be filled with silicone oil. Filling a center differential with oil allows you to tune the amount of diff action to your liking. HPI Racing recommends using at 100k CST oil as a starting point (not included).

The Center Differential Set is supplied unassembled and requires the following parts transfering from the car to complete the conversion:
#111167 - Idler Gear 31TX1M (Steel)
#160139 - Cup Joint 6x13x20mm (2pcs)

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