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Anywhere you see the HPI Help Center sign you can take your HPI car for a free HPI Health Check. Staff will be able to ensure your product is running well and advise you of any repairs, replacement parts or option part upgrades to make sure you get the very best from your HPI Racing purchase.


The first step is to register your HPI kit with MYhpi with MYhpi you get your own free online garage full of information and tips about each of your kits. Sign up for MYhpi now.

You can also get help and advice directly from HPI via HPI’s Help Center twitter.


Where to buy

HPI truly believes in the value of our world-wide networks and the service that they provide and therefore we do not offer the facility for you to buy direct from us.

Our world-wide networks of distributors work hand in hand with their local model stores. This ensures that not only do you get your HPI product in perfect condition, but you also get excellent customer service, local expertise and trusted support. We believe this makes the HPI experience of radio controlled products, one of the best.

Having chosen your HPI / Hot Bodies product by browsing our extensive online catalogue, finding and visiting your local model store, is the next step towards your own HPI experience.

Of course, here at HPI Racing we can help you locate your local model store so that you can start your own journey with one of our products.



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