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This amazing and unique HPI Racing Pro-Series Socket Tool is three excellent tools in one handy package! A heavy-duty yet lightweight aluminum handle and two steel wrenches combine to give you a fantastic multi-purpose RC tool!

1/8 buggy drivers will love the dual-use steel 17mm wrench that allows you to tighten and loosen wheel nuts with ease. Choose your favorite grip: fit the socket in the middle of the handle for a quick T-handle grip or put the socket at the end of the handle for extra nut-tightening torque!

The long chrome-plated steel double-ended wrench gives you an 8mm box wrench at one end for quick swapping of glow plugs with a convenient long tool. At the other end is a 10mm box wrench for fast removal of flywheel nuts on most nitro engines.

Complete set of tools available for electric & nitro RC owners of all types of vehicles:
#115531 - Pro-Series Tools 3x150mm Flat Blade Screwdriver
#115532 - Pro-Series Tools 4x100mm Flat Blade Screwdriver
#115533 - Pro-Series Tools 3mm Phillips Screwdriver
#115534 - Pro-Series Tools 4mm Phillips Screwdriver
#115535 - Pro-Series Tools 6mm Phillips Screwdriver
#115536 - Pro-Series Tools Exhaust Spring Remover
#115537 - Pro-Series Tools 1.5mm Hex Driver
#115538 - Pro-Series Tools 2.0mm Hex Driver
#115539 - Pro-Series Tools 2.5mm Hex Driver                
#115540 - Pro-Series Tools 3.0mm Hex Driver
#115541 - Pro-Series Tools 4.0mm Hex Driver
#115542 - Pro-Series Tools 5.0mm Hex Driver                
#115543 - Pro-Series Tools 5.5mm Box Wrench
#115544 - Pro-Series Tools 7.0mm Box Wrench
#115545 - Pro-Series Tools Socket Wrench (8-10-17mm)
#115546 - Pro-Series Tools Body Reamer

Keep all your HPI Racing Pro-Series tools in the zipped Tools Pouch to conveniently store every tool, plus spares and other items you need for a day of driving!
#115547 - Pro-Series Tools Pouch

Also available are spare tool tips for the 1.5mm and 2.0mm Hex Drivers
#115548 - Pro-Series 1.5mm Hex Tool Tip with Set Screw
#115549 - Pro-Series 2.0mm Hex Tool Tip with Set Screw

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