HPI Venture FJ at the UK RECON G6

Wed, 7th June 2017

On the last weekend of May the awesome UK RECON G6 event 2017 was held just south of Matlock, Derbyshire in the UK at a venue previously used for Motorbike Trials. The perfect setting for us to put the Venture FJ Cruiser through it's paces ahead of its launch!


This fantastic event offered several classes for all ages to have fun participating in and it’s awesome to see how quickly these RC events have grown in popularity.  Unlike a traditional RC race, the drivers record their adventure in a driver log book and have a chance to earn a “Driver of the Day” award for their class. It really is an adventure, in fact so much so, the organizers say “Finishing a RECON G6, is Winning a RECON G6!”


The event had a fantastic turn out and HPI were honoured to be invited to show off the incoming Venture FJ Cruiser! The day started with a driver check and “Show & Shine” where all the participants’ trucks were lined up. The Venture lined up alongside the other trucks and was fitted with a custom painted shell and few accessories from the huge range of compatible options already available on the market. Plus it was great to let the scale fans get up close with the stock Venture FJ Cruiser and get their hands on the RTR as it will come out the box later in the summer.


The event consisted of 4 stages, each with 100 gates per stage. Throughout the day we tested the Venture on 2 complete stages of all 100 gates, plus shot a ton of video which will no doubt find it’s way into the official release promo real soon. The Venture, in stock RTR form, completed 90% of all gates attempted with no winch assistance. We are super excited about how the truck performed with both HPI staff behind the steer wheel and the many fans who also had the opportunity to try their hand on the hotly anticipated rig!

Take a look at some of the highlights of the Venture FJ Cruiser taking on the stages 

 Special thanks to Pete Gray, Brian Parker and all of the UK Recon G6 team








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