It's the ReFlux: Looking Back at August in HPI Racing Land!

Tue, 27th September 2016


The lengths we will go to for the Venture...

It's no secret HPI Racing has been through some big times recently. If you've only just joined us: check out last month's RE:FLUX, and the big announcement from June 1st

Here's the headlines:

Thumbs Up Sign on Apple iOS 9.3 At the beginning of the year the HPI team unveiled a raft of exciting new products in development. 

Thumbs Down Sign on Apple iOS 9.3 Then the European arm of HPI was placed into administration and all development was put on hold.

Crying Face on Apple iOS 9.3  Kits and spare parts also started to dry up.

Party Popper on Apple iOS 9.3  Then (after a bidding war!) Ripmax purchased the European HPI Racing company.

Flexed Biceps on Apple iOS 9.3  But HPI design happens in California so Ripmax needed to take over the best bits of HPI USA too. 

Grimacing Face on Apple iOS 9.3  Also, a factory that produces HPI kits like the Sport 3, Savage XS (and the Venture) was in big trouble.

Factory on Apple iOS 9.3  So, Ripmax needed to take over the factory and get it back on track...



Well, this month we're proud to announce the opening of HPI Racing Design, LLC

This newly opened California based facility is run by the great minds that have made HPI Racing products as awesome as they are for many, many years. Not only will these guys preserve HPI's legacy, but they will be 100% focused on HPI product design and innovations. The future of HPI Racing and perhaps even the RC industry is going to be created inside this building!

And that's not all...

As you read this, the HPI head honchos are over in China setting up a new HPI factory! And with existing staff and sub-suppliers on-board we're going to make sure the quality of our products stay top notch!  So what does this mean for theVenture FJ Cruiser? Well, it's worth building a new factory for, so take our word for it - when it finally drops it'll be worth the wait! 


Whether we're providing the HPI experience for hoards of fans at FIA World RX, or bringing a new and long-awaited crawler on the scene - the one thing HPI will never do is cut corners! 
Keep reading to check out some of the stuff we've been up to recently...and have an awesome day!



vgjrnews.jpg popbangnews.jpg vorzanews.jpg
Relive HPI's passenger drift ride streamed LIVE from FIA World RX 
Check out the artist who creates motorsport works of art using HPI RC Cars!
We check out what HPI fans have been doing with their Vorza kits


jumpshotsc_clip.jpg youtubecustomdrift.jpg
VIDEO: The latest SC addition to the new Jumpshot family goes ballistic on what looks like the surface of the moon!  VIDEO / GUIDE: HPI Custom Tuned - Take a look at how to make your own custom RC drift weapon & see them in action!
vs_youtube.jpg microfb.jpg
VIDEO: They're both big, tough and brutally fast - But which of these top FLUX kits is the fastest off the line? VIDEO: We were all over FIA World RX this month. But when it got wet, did we let that stop our fun??
sprint2treadmill.jpg posters.jpg
VIDEO: We knew the Sprint 2 FLUX was fast, but these guys really put it through its paces! FREE DOWNLOADS: Brighten up your shop or bedroom with these awesome, high quality HPI posters!


instaxs.jpg instasubiegarage.jpg instavgjrpose.jpg vgjr_jump.jpg
instawet911.jpg instafalken.jpg
VIDEO: This Falken Porsche Sprint 2 Sport took to the streets for some wet 'n' dry slo-mo chaos INSTAPIC: We love seeing the HPI Racing logo proudly placed on this beautiful Falken Porsche!
greece.jpg coming_up.jpg
EPIC: It's official!! We'll be joining Ken Block and a host of Monster athletes in Greece next month! KEN BLOCK NEWS: We're sworn to secrecy atm, but we'll be able to announce "something" real soon ;-)

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