LRP-HPI Challenge Final in Germany!

Thu, 18th September 2014

LRP-HPI-Challenge – The final 2014!

The 15th edition of the national final of Germany’s biggest RC electric onroad series was held in Andernach and it was a great rendezvous of the best Challenge drivers again.

The LRP-HPI-Challenge is Germany’s biggest RC electric onroad race series. In the 2013/14 season, 1116 different drivers started at 98 races. Due to the LRP standard equipment, the LRP-HPI-Challenge stands for fair racing at low costs.

And what a final again! 169 drivers enjoyed the Challenge typical relaxed and familiar atmosphere – and of course extremely thrilling races in the Rookie, Classic, 17.5T and Stock classes. In addition, a demo race of the upcoming 17.5T GT Challenge was held. Their stylish BMW M3, Nissan GT-R and Porsche 911 Turbo cars performed also tough racing action.

Unfortunately, the schedule of the event was mixed up every day by torrential rain. Timed practice on Friday had to be cancelled. The technically demanding track of the DJK Andernach club seemed to be more a lake scenery than a RC track. Nevertheless, everybody stayed relaxed and was looking forward to thrilling decisions.

Four rounds of qualification were on schedule in the different classes on Saturday. These were the top 3 results:

Rookie Challenge: 1. Dennis Klappert, 2. Nico Müller, 3. Michael Koos

Classic Challenge: 1. Karsten Bartsch, 2. Manfred Tallen, 3. Martin Ciongawa

17.5T Challenge: 1. Daniel Anthes, 2. Michael Spiering, 3. Alexander Becker

Stock Challenge: 1. Oliver Franke, 2. Alex Piperato, 3. Markus Kreder


In the Rookie-Challenge – the perfect entry for hobby racers into R/C competition racing – TQ driver Dennis Klappert won the first of the three finals, but was hit by bad luck in A2. After a rain brake, he came back impressively and secured the title by winning the third final. In the overall ranking, Michael Koos finished second ahead of Laura Pollert who managed to drive from qualifying position eight to the podium.

Rookie Challenge 

1 Dennis Klappert
2 Michael Koos
3 Laura Pollert


The Classic Challenge lived up to its name again, with eye-catching body shells and tight duels. In the first final, top qualifier Karsten Bartsch drove to a clear start-to-finish victory. And he continued that way in A2. Despite the constant pressure that Manfred Tallen put on him, Karsten kept cool and drove to an early overall victory. By winning the last final, Manfred secured the second place overall ahead of Thomas Nitschke.

Classic Challenge 

1 Karsten Bartsch
2 Manfred Tallen
3 Thomas Nitschke



The 17.5T Challenge saw a thrilling duel between Daniel Anthes and Alexander Becker. Daniel won the opening final by only 0.3s, but at the start of A2, he suffered from a technical malfunction that prevented him from racing. Nevertheless, the second final was great to watch. Alexander Becker and Michael Spiering performed a tough fight over the complete distance of the run – with the better end for Alexander. So, the title had to be decided in the last final. The track was still wet after the rain shower resulting in the drivers using rain tyres. Daniel Anthes kept cool and defended the lead despite Alexander’s attacks at the beginning of the race. In the end, Daniel won and secured the overall title ahead of Alexander Becker and Michael Schwickert.

17.5T Challenge 

1 Daniel Anthes
2 Alexander Becker
3 Michael Schwickert


TQ driver Oliver Franke dominated the opening final of the Stock Challenge. He crossed the finish line 7s ahead of his pursuers. In A2, Oliver had to fight for the victory as he was constantly challenged by Markus Keder. But Oliver Franke defended the lead to take the win and overall victory already after the second final. By finishing second in the last final behind Christoph Kirchhefer, Daniel Wohlgemuth secured the overall second place on the podium ahead of Markus Kreder.

Stock Challenge

1 Oliver Franke
2 Daniel Wohlgemuth
3 Markus Kreder


Congratulations to all winners! And a big thank-you to the team of the DJK Andernach headed by Gerd Dippel. Despite the extreme weather conditions, they managed to organise a perfect event.


You can download the complete results of the LRP-HPI-Challenge final 2014 »HERE!


You want to know even more? On the official website, you’ll find all data and information on Germany’s biggest RC electric onroad series. 



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