The HPI-Big Brother Wrap Up!

Wed, 21st July 2010

Our time on the Big Brother set has come and gone, but we wanted to share our own 'Best Bits'! When we were contacted to see if we wanted to partner up with the Big Brother show, we jumped at the opportunity. It's not often you get a chance to be involved with a television show that millions and millions of people watch on a daily basis, after all! With a regular viewership of 2.5 million viewers for the nightly shows, plus live viewers online who can see the action as it happens, it was a rare opportunity to get radio-control vehicles into the eye of the general public.

The kits we sent to be used in the Big Brother house included a cross-section of our off-road RC vehicles: #102117 Crawler King with Land Rover Defender 90 bodyshell #103172 Crawler King with Jeep Wrangler bodyshell #10831 E-Firestorm 10T racing truck #10551 Wheely King 4x4 monster truck #548 E-Savage 4x4 dual-motor monster truck We didn't know what would be in store for the housemates in the Big Brother house - all we were told was that the housemates would be personalizing the trucks to be used in one of the weekly 'food tasks' (where the housemates must work together to earn a 'luxury' food budget), and also one of the HPI trucks would be used to chase the housemates at random points during the day! The first chance we got to see one of our trucks in action was when the 'Chaserbot 3000' appeared - the housemates were told that anyone who was touched by the Chaserbot 3000 had to wear a cardboard 'robot' suit for the rest of the day, which definitely looked uncomfortable!

The Chaserbot 3000 - an HPI E-Savage!
Big Brother viewers watching online could watch the truck customizing, however because the truck task would be shown during the big weekly 'eviction show', the only thing that was broadcast to the nightly audience was the actual food task - where several HPI trucks had to take on a proper battle-ready Robot Wars competitor, in the Arena of Destruction!

The Arena of Destruction - site of the final battle!
Fortunately for the trucks we sent, the robot's main weapon was a massive hydraulic flipping arm rather than a titanium axe or ultra-fast spinning disc, however that didn't stop the robot from cleaning house and taking out every single housemate's truck. (Personally, we think it was a bit unfair, since our poor trucks didn't have a single weapon between them!) So the housemates lost the task...but at least the trucks appeared pretty much undamaged and it was definitely a fun TV segment to watch!
The Arena of Destruction - site of the final battle!
The HPI trucks driven by the housemates!
We hope you enjoyed our time in the Big Brother house as much as we did - it certainly made for good TV!



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