The First German Savage Monster Mania event!

Tue, 10th August 2004

The first German Monster Mania took place between 29 and 30 May, 2004. The competition was divided into five disciplines. Points were awarded for each discipline and then totaled up to give a final score. Competitors had to prove their all-round talent both as a driver and a mechanic in order to score well in each discipline. The five disciplines were:

  • Trial
  • Long jump
  • Speed race
  • Weight pulling
  • Track race
  • Concours d´ élégance
A Savage 25 pulling a beer crate on the "Weight Pulling" event A Savage 21 on the "Long Jump" event Andy Krämer with his Savage SS on the "Trial" event
There was an individual winner in each discipline and an overall champion across all disciplines. Andy Krämer and his Savage SS won the Trial and long jump, and also managed an impressive third in the speed race – giving him an overall score of 217 points and the victory! Stefan Kruse and his stock Savage 25 RTR scored consistently in all disciplines and came second overall. There were 8 Savages in total including two Savage 21s in the top 10, and the Savage was by far the most popular car among the 43 participants.
Savage 21 Savage 25 Savage SS
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Pos. Name Car Points
1 Andy Krämer HPI Savage SS 217
2 Stefan Kruse HPI Savage 25 RTR 211
3 Martin Barthel XXL Dominator 209
4 Rainer Resch MTA-4 202
5 Olaf Sibaai HPI Savage 25 RTR 201
6 Rüdiger Schork HPI Savage SS 200
7 Achim Neeb HPI Savage SS 187
8 Martin Kruse HPI Savage 21 RTR 184
9 Frank Lamozik HPI Savage SS 180
10 Alexander Merz HPI Savage 21 180



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