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#80598 - SFL-10 MG2用アルミファイナルギヤ

SFL-10サーボ/メタルファイナルギア/87280 アルミステアリングアームと併用


The Baja 5T Aluminium Final Gear for HPI SFL-10 Servos is now available as a spare part. This aluminum gear is built extra tough to handle the demands of 1/5th scale vehicles. Use it as a replacement part on the Baja 5T HPI SFL-10MG2 servo, or as an upgrade to the stock plastic final gear used on the SFL-10 and HPI SFL-MG servos. This package includes the heavy duty #87280 aluminum steering arm.

#80598 ALUMINUM FINAL GEAR FOR SFL-10 MG2 Also available: #80584 METAL GEAR CONVERSION SET FOR SFL-10 (does not include #80598 metal final gear) #80597 HPI SFL-10 MG2 SERVO (METAL GEAR/24.0kg-cm 6.0V) (includes #80584, #80598, #87280) #80599 SFL-10 MG2 METAL GEAR CONVERSION SET FOR SFL-10 (includes #80584, #80598, #87280) #87280 ALUMINUM STEERING ARM FOR HPI SFL-10 SERVO

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