Get Crawlin' with Your Wheely King!

Wed, 18th July 2007

From our American colleagues at HPI USA comes this great tutorial showing you exactly how to make your Wheely King into a bonafide rock crawling monster! Rock crawling as an RC sport is jumping in popularity, with national-level events and magazine articles appearing in the US, Japan and other countries. In Europe, where trials courses have been popular for years, rock crawling is gaining popularity as a unique, fun and skilled sport. We're happy to present to you phase one of HPI's Crawler King Conversion!

Ideally, a 4WD Wheely King is the best starting point. If you have a 2WD Wheely King, think about getting the HPI #87602 - 4WD Conversion Kit for the Wheely King. We've also got action video of the conversion - check it out here!

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