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Jeu complet de 4 pneus HPI NUBZ sur hexagonaux et jantes blanches.


HPI Racings' Nubz Conversion Set with 17mm Axles for the Savage series of Monster Trucks. This upgrade includes 4 of our new high performance Nubz tires as well as new high strength steel 17mm axles and 17mm purple anodized aluminium hex nuts..

The race-tested Nubz tread pattern and soft compound rubber provide superior grip on dirt surfaces for fast lap times. Internal tyre ribs allow the use of soft compounds while adding strength to the tyre for extreme durability and helping avoid deformation at high speeds. 17mm hex hubs decrease the stress on the wheels, helping to prevent stripped wheels when using high horsepower engines. Our axles are high grade steel built to handle extreme driving conditions. Comes with everything needed to upgrade one truck, including four axles/nuts, a wrench, thread lock and grease

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