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Baja 5B/avant/gomme renforcee plus solide et durable.

HPI Racing Desert Buster Radial Tires are original equipment on the Baja 5T line of 1/5th scale trucks. These are front tyres that feature a "radial" tread design for stable steering control on a wide variety of surfaces. The HD Compound is perfect for heavy duty performance with the Baja 5T, it's a formulated rubber blend that resists rips and tears, developed for extreme driving conditions.

Note: Inner foams must be purchased separately. Front Tyres: #4437 DESERT BUSTER RADIAL TIRE HD COMP (190x60mm/2pcs) Rear Tyres: #4440 DESERT BUSTER ARROW TIRE HD COMP (190x70mm/2pcs) Option parts: #4804 INNER FOAM (SOFT/190x60mm/2pcs) (for front tires) #4817 MOLDED INNER FOAM MS (190x60mm/2pcs) (for front tires) #4818 MOLDED INNER FOAM MS (190x70mm/2pcs) (for rear tires)

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