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SAVAGE FLUX HP / SAVAGE X / Pignon conique 43D p. gros roulements

Arrêté, replacement part: #102692

This is the newest, most heavy-duty diff ever offered for the Savage line of trucks! This diff gear set uses a bigger bearing to provide extra durability and longer life for the differential parts, giving you more fun and less maintenance than previous diff sets!

43T Bevel gear side allows larger "oversized" bearing New bearing used is 8x16x5mm (#B085) compared with old bearing 10x16x5mm (#B032) Diff case side still uses 10x16x5mm bearing Upgrade for #86127 Gear Diff Set 43T (Savage Stock Diff) Upgrade for #86826 Alloy Gear/Case Diff Set 43T (Savage X SS Stock Diff) Upgrade for #86922 Machined Heavy Duty Bevel Gear 43/13T Set (Savage XL Stock Diff)

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