D1RC at the Just Japs/RPM Show

Mon, 18th June 2012

It was an early one for the D1RC crew, setting up the D1RC portable track in the main marquee, erecting the HPI flags and banners, setting up the p.a. system and then our own pit area, and all this before the public arrived and in scorching hot conditions too. We were positioned right next to the bar and hot food wagon so everything pointed to a great day of drifting, and it was!

Breaking In a Brand New Track Surface The D1RC display team was 10 strong, 8 of our best drivers to perform the knockout style battles (quarters, semis, finals) with a judge and a photographer. The track was set out on a new, flat and very dusty concrete area, not particularly big but large enough to lay a track that had a long circular sweeper followed by several tight corners which could be run both clock and anti-clockwise. The plan was to run two full blown competitions with qualifying and finals with commentary and music and then to fill in the gaps with formation drifting. Low Turnout but Dedicated Spectators Unfortunately, whilst we did our bit admirably, the show didn't and turnout was low compared to previous years – a sign of the less prosperous times we find ourselves in, very frustrating. However, those who did turn up came over to watch the competitions and stayed for the duration so, as ever, we think we've captured a few recruits! HPI T-Drift Tyres the Perfect Match Several of us were running countersteer setups on our cars, suitable for smaller tracks, which makes the cars very nimble if well setup - and almost undriveable if not! Fortunately, they all looked good on track (I was using a rear overdrive ratio of 1.8 times the front drive) and we witnessed back to back very close battles on our HPI T-Drift control tyres #4406 which, incidentally, proved themselves to be true all-rounders working just as well on concrete as they do on tarmac and carpet. After a very hot and tiring day, but one that we all enjoyed, we went home to clean our wounds, a fine coating of concrete dust on everything that clung on, resisting all sorts of cleaning techniques and requiring a complete nut and bolt strip and the cleaning of every small component and large ones too - radio gear, pit boxes, the lot! Nevertheless, it was well worth the trip and we look forward to our next car show opportunity later in the year. Report by John Turner, Team HPI Racing Photos by Brad Giles, D1RC

Competition results Comp 1 Qualifying 1 - JT 95,88,0 2 - Simon 93,93,0 3 - Rick 93,90,0 4 - Darcy 92,86,0 5 - Curtis 92,90,85 6 - Andy 91,90,88 7 - Brad 85,80,79 8 - Billy 80,0,0 Finals 1 – Andy Brunton 2 – Darcy Meadows 3 – Simon Langrebe 4 – Billy Hards 5 – Rick LincolnSmith 6 – Curtis Pobgee 7 – John Turner 8 – Brad Giles Comp 2 Qualifying 1 - JT 96,93,83 2 - Simon 92,91,90 3 - Darcy - 91,90,0 4 - Rick 90,89,88 5 - Andy 90,89,85 6 - Curtis 90,88,88 7 - Brad 85,83,81 8 - Billy 85,0,0 Finals 1 – John Turner 2 – Simon Landgrebe 3 – Curtis Pobge 4 – Andy Brunton 5 – Rick LincolnSmih 6 – Darcy Meadows 7 – Brad Giles 8 – Billy Hards

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