First Ever LRP-HPI Drift Challenge in Germany!

Wed, 27th June 2007

On the 1st of July the time has come! The LRP-HPI Drift Challenge will be held for the first time at DJK Andernach who just opened their new track, “R/C Car Motodrom”, several weeks ago ( 'Anything goes!' is the motto for this event. Every electric-powered 4WD Touringcar chassis is allowed (scale 1/10). You can choose between several motors: LRP Stock-Challenge, CE-4 / Cup Machine and 27T motors following the DMC rules. The maximum gear ratio is limited to 1:6.6. So everybody can join in!

The very special rules for this event: LRP Electronic will supply 20 sets of Drift-Tires for free! So you do not need your own tires. The tires used will be HPI #4704 Mounted Super Drift Tire on TE 37 chrome wheels. You will get the tires for each heat and return them to race stewards afterwards. There is no need for a high-tech chassis – low-budget cars like the HPI Sprint 2 and Tamiya TT01 will work at the same level. All you need for good lap times in “Drift-Mode” are good driving skills, not high-tech parts! Be part of it – be part of the first LRP-HPI Drift Challenge! Host: DJK 1909 Andernach e.V. Organiser: LRP-electronic / FAR Place: RC Car Motodrom Andernach, Stadionstrasse, 56626 Andernach Surface: Tarmac Date: 1st July 2007 Rules: Every electric-powered 4WD Touringcar chassis is allowed (scale 1/10). Several motors are allowed: LRP Stock-Challenge, CE-4 / Cup Machine, and 27T motors following the DMC rules (GM Pinnacle Diamant SP 1x27T Laydown is NOT allowed). Maximum gear ratio: 1:6.6. Entries go to: Martin Kruse, Am Wiesenhof 48, 60529 Frankfurt Phone: 069 / 6665637 Email: Entry fee: Youth 5 Euros Adult 10 Euros Entries until: 27th June 2007 Prov. timetable: One training heat with handout tires at 9.00. Following qualifying heats. Finals in the afternoon. Miscellaneous: 230V access available. The local kitchen will hold food for you.

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