LRP Monster Mania 2007!

Fri, 15th June 2007

A Hot Bodies Lightning Stadium driven by Michael Gaul took the 2007 LRP Monster Mania title at the recent running of the yearly monster truck and truggy event! From the 26th to the 28th of May, it was time for one of the most important truggy & monster truck events in Europe! With more than 110 racers battling for the winning glory, the LRP/RC-Autoparts Monster Mania 2007 is probably the biggest 1/8 scale truggy & monster truck event in Europe. The mega-event was host by the MCC Laupheim in cooperation with RC-Autoparts, who perfectly prepared the location and track.

The 3-day event consisted of four exciting categories which every racer was to participate in so they could collect valuable points for their overall ranking. During Saturday, the Monsterpark Trial, Freestyle Jumping and Pulling constests were held. Sunday and Monday were reserved for the race on the superb MCC Laupheim racetrack! Monsterpart Trial This was a challenge for everybody! The park was built a year ago and is by far one of the biggest and best RC trials courses in the world! Check it out at! Only three drivers were able to finish the course in under a minute: Gerd Strenge, Michael Gaul and Martin Achter. With times like that, they were able to get a valuable early lead on the rest of the competition. Truck Pulling The second category was the Pulling contest. The competitors had to pull a crate full of bottles, weighing over 20 pounds (10kg) down a straight section of racetrack for a distance of 15 metres. With stones on the surface, some serious horsepower and traction was needed to achieve what is known as a 'full pull'. In order to get better traction, many drivers put additional front weight on their trucks to allow the front tyres to grip. Every full pull was greeted with plenty of applause! Freestyle Jump Now it was time for the most popular part of the contest: the freestyle jump contest! Every driver had 3 attempts to jump over the massive Monster Mania ramp. At 50 degrees and 1.5m tall, it was truly huge! In order to count for points, trucks had to be able to drive away from the landing. The drivers were able to choose how their points were to be counted: either by distance (with 20 points per metre) or by being judged for doing various stunts whilst in the air. Two drivers got an awesome 380 points out of 400 for doing double back-flips! However, Micahel Gaul did a huge jump of 19.2m to get 384 points, barely missing Andy Kraemer's 2005 record of 19.5m! Racing Head-to-head racing was going to be the final discipline that would challenge the drivers, however with torrential rains on the Monday the organizers could only use the qualifying times from Sunday. Overall ranking With Michael Gaul taking second in the trials, winning the jump contest, tying for top points on the truck pull and qualifying 4th for the racing, he was crowned this year's Monster Mania Champion! Michael's Lightning Stadium was equipped with an LRP Z.28R Team Spec 3 engine running LRP Energy Power Fuel 36%. Michael's win continues the run of success that Hot Bodies and HPI trucks have had at the Monster Mania since 2004!

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