Racing Tank and 3 shoe clutch for Savage SS

Thu, 26th August 2004

The new primer-less racing fuel tank with rear fuel pickup (87149), fitted as standard to all Savage 25 RTRs, now comes as standard with all Savage SS kits. The 160 cubic cm tank has a rear fuel pickup system which allows the truck to run consistently throughout an entire tank of fuel. The new rear pickup also improves fuel supply whilst on rough terrain and during jumps. In addition, a ceramic fuel filter is now fitted as standard to the tank – preventing dirt from passing into the engine and causing potential damage to the piston and liner.

#87149 - Primer-less racing fuel tank with rear fuel pickup
Another adoption from the Savage 25 RTR is the 3 shoe clutch (87153) which is now also included as standard in all Savage SS kits. The 3 shoe clutch helps better harness the power of the HPI Nitro Star S-25 engine – meaning faster acceleration and bigger, easier wheelies!
#87153 - 3 shoe clutch
Both the racing fuel tank (87149) and 3 shoe clutch (87153) are now included in all new Savage SS kits and are also available as separate option parts enabling you to hop up your current Savage 21 RTR and SS kits.

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