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The all-new HPI Cleaning Spray is the perfect way to get your buggy, truck, tools and more clean and ready for action!

The unique formulation of HPI Cleaning Spray means it will blast away mud, grime, grease and oil without leaving any residue or film on your car or truck. It is completely safe for all plastics, allowing you to use it on all parts of your nitro or electric RC kit!

Use the supplied convenient spray tube to reach into tight areas such as differential areas, wheel hubs and more to get the gunk out! It's perfect to reach inside electric motors also!

What about cleaning out your kit bearings - place the bearings on a pit towel or rag, then use the tube to blast grit and dust out of the bearings. Let them dry and then place a couple of drops of light oil on each bearing race - you will be AMAZED at how much faster your car or truck will go with clean bearings!

You can clean your entire car with HPI Cleaning Spray! Because it is greaseless and pressurized, your nitro or electric car will come out looking as good as new!

Get a can for your pit box and another for the workshop!

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