My Car Will Not Start, What Can I Do?

In the first instance we would suggest watching the DVD includedwith your car again and restarting the setup procedure, just tomake sure you have not missed anything. You can also find atutorial video on HPI.TV

Once you have checked you are following the correct startingprocedure then you should ensure that your car's engine is set toit's factory base settings. You should find these on the DVDor in the instruction manual provided with yourcar. 

If this fails to resolve your issue then you can contact eitheryour local model shop or the After Sales Care line (0845 00 66 160)for further help and advice.

My Engine Stalls When I Remove The Glow Starter

There are one of two possible problems:

1) The glowplug may require replacement. You can find details ofthe glowplugs that HPI have available on the website.

2) Your engine may be set too rich - try returning theengine to it's base settings as shown in the instructionmanual or on the tutorial DVD and beginning the tuningprocess again.

My Nitro Car Stalls When I Apply The Brake

It sounds like your idle speed is set too low. Try turning theidle screw 1/2 turn clockwise and start the engine of your car withthe wheels off the ground. You can use your instruction manual tohelp identify the idle screw if you are unsure where to findit.

Next, apply the brakes on your transmitter and start turning theidle screw slowly anti-clockwise until the engine stalls. Once youhave reached this point, turn the idle screw 1/8 turn clockwiseagain.

When set correctly the car should sit at a standstill when theengine is idling. You may find that on a brand new car the idle hasto be set slightly higher so that the car does not stall. This isacceptable provided the car is not moving quicker than walkingpace. You should be able to reduce the idle speed after a few moretanks of fuel.

Can I Trade In My Rc Car For Another Car?

I'm sorry but HPI does not offer any exchanges on this basis.Some model shops may offer a trade-in, but in practise most willnot. Why not sell the car privately to a friend to help financeyour next dream RC car?

What's The Best Way To Stop A Nitro Engine ?

There are several methods of stopping your engine; the easiestis to use a rag pressed over the tip of your engine's exhaust.Be very careful when doing this, the exhaust on your car islikely to be hot, especially if it is made of metal!

You can also pinch the fuel line running from the fuel tank tothe engine until the engine stalls. It is recommended that you dothis with the car's wheels off the floor; as the fuel runs out theengine revs will increase before the engine stalls.

If you have an HPI Savage you can also use the optional EngineStop System with your car - this is compatible with all of theSavage series except the XL.

How Do I Run In An Engine Properly?

Your car is supplied with a comprehensive instruction manual andin some cases a DVD too. We recommend that you follow theguidelines given to help ensure that your engine has the bestpossible mix of  life and performance.

If you need a copy of the instuctions for your car then you candownload them from the HPI Europe website!

You can also find helpful 'Getting Started' videos in theLearning Lab on HPI.TV if you require further assistance.

What Does A Slipper Clutch Do?

A slipper clutch is a device that fits on or near the spur gear,and helps absorb "drivetrain shock" that occurs when acar lands from a jump. A slipper clutch also helps aid traction inslippery conditions, since it acts as a mechanical way to limit thepower that reaches the drivetrain.

How Long Does A Tank Of Fuel Last?

The runtime for a tank of fuel can vary depending on theconditions that the car is being used in, but it will typically bebetween 10 and 15 minutes per tank on most nitro cars. Don't forgetthat you can refuel with the engine still running so you can enjoythe car for longer periods without stopping!

When your car is new and the engine is still tight and set veryrich it's normal for the car to use more fuel, but once the breakin process is complete then this will improve.

What Is, And How Do I Use After Run Oil?

Nitro engine fuel can absorb moisture and of course moisture isdestructive to the inside of a nitro engine. Coating the internalengine parts in after run oil keeps out moisture and keeps theengine’s components in the best possible condition.

To apply after run oil first remove the glow plug. All that isneeded is a few drops of after run oil into the glow plug hole inthe top of the engine and a few drops into the air intake of thecarburettor. Turn the engine over a few times by hand and replacethe glow plug. If the engine is to be left for some time then it isworth making sure that the exhaust and air intake holes are blockedto keep out moisture and dirt.

Where Can I Buy The Products On Your Site?

We are a trade only distributor, so unfortunately you will notbe able to purchase parts directly from us.

You can use the shop finder facility here to find a localstockist who will be able to supply you with the parts that youneed. In the event that the shop does not have the part in stockthen they should be able to order it for you - If the parts youneed are in stock at HPI then they should be available to themwithin 2-3 days!

What Fuel Should I Use?

The type of fuel that you require will depend on the engine thatis fitted into your car - we would suggest either 16% Nitro or 20%Nitro fuels for small block (.12-.18) engines and 20% Nitro or25% Nitro fuels for big block (.21-.36) engines.

We always run our cars on the fuels that we distribute and findthem to run reliably, have easy tuning characteristics and providea long engine life so we wouldn't hesitate to recommend that youalso use them in your car. Your local model shop will also be happyto advise on other fuels that they have available that suit yourrequirements.

For the petrol powered cars that we offer you should useunleaded fuel mixed with a good quality two stroke oil at a 25:1ratio.

Can I Fit A Rotostart To My Pullstart Car?

 Yes you can - use the table below to identify which partsyou need:


Don't forget you'll also need a charger and a batterypack to complete the conversion!

Why Does The One Way Bearing Fail?

The One Way Bearing is normally very reliable and will only failin the event that it's over-loaded. This is normally caused byattempting to start the engine whilst it's flooded.

If the Rotostart jams or the Pullstart becomes difficult to pullthen you can remove the glowplug and clear the engine as shown onthe DVD included with HPI kits. The engine should then be easier toturn over.

If you follow the above steps then your One Way Bearing willthank you!

Why Do My Spur Gears Keep Stripping?

Stripping a spur gear (a flat spot on the plastic gear thatturns the drive train of the car) is not caused by the spur gear orpinion gear. A stripped spur gear is caused by the pinion gear nothaving the correct mesh with the spur gear and/or a possible loosemotor or engine screws.

What Is A Failsafe?

A failsafe is a small electronic box that plugs into thethrottle channel of your receiver, then your throttle/brakeservo plugs into the fail safe. They are usually mounted into theradio box of a car.

A correctly set fail safe will return the throttle/brakeservo on your car to a position that you have pre-set in the eventof the transmitter or receiver batteries being flat, or the carbeing affected by interference. We advise that this positionshould be approximately 50% brakes for a nitro car, and neutral foran electric car. This will allow the car to come to a controlledstop.

Many of the newer cars are supplied with a 2.4GHz radiosystem which have a failsafe built into thereceiver that removes the need to fit an external failsafe.Full instructions for setting these up should be in the instructionmanual for your model.

I Have A Part That Is Broken, What Should I Do?

All of our product lines undergo stringent quality checks duringboth the design and the manufacturing process. In the unlikelyevent that you do have a part that is either faulty or missing thenplease contact the After Sales Care team on 0845 00 66 160 or bysending a support request using this FAQ section - a member of theASC team will be happy to discuss with you the best way ofresolving your problem.

If you have broken a part of your car in use then you canpurchase any spares you need from your local model shop. You canuse the exploded diagram in the back of your instruction manual toidentify the part numbers for any items you may need.

How Long Does Battery Charging Take?

The amount of time it takes to charge a battery pack varies.Each battery has a "milliampere capacity", this is thenumber printed on the package (1400, 1500, 1700, 2000, 2400, 3000,etc.). The higher the number, the more power the battery holds andthe longer it takes to charge the battery. Also, battery chargerscan charge at different "amp rates", or power output, soa battery that can charge at 6 amps will charge a particularbattery faster than a charger that is charging up that same batteryat 4 amps.

Some of the more powerful electric models use a Lithium Polymeror LiPo battery - these must be charged using a compatible chargersuch as the HPI Reactor 500, and we'd always advise charging thebatteries in line with their manufacturers recommendations. It'salso advisable to use a LiPo safe charging bag when charging LiPobatteries.

If you wanted to calculate how long your battery will take tocharge you would need to divide the Capacity of the battery by theCharge Current. For example an 1800mAh battery charged on a chargerwith a 300mA output (typical RTR charger) will take 1800/300 =6 Hours. Another example if you are using a fast charger like theReactor 500 you can up the Charge Current to 3.6A which turns thatinto 1800/3600 = 0.5 hours. Again please follow the BatteriesManufacturers recommendations for charging your battery!

How Should I Maintain My Car?

You can find many tips on maintenance and cleaning on ourtutorial section on www.hpieurope.com which answersquestions for electric, petrol and nitro car owners. Also, seeour Links page for RC magazine websites around the world. All ofthe major magazines have up-to-date web sites that have articles onmaintenance, setups and more.

You can also refer to your instruction manual and DVD for morespecific manintanence instructions relating to your car.

What Is The Difference Between Nitro And Petrol Rc Cars?

Petrol powered RC cars run on normal petrol mixed with 2-strokeoil.
These cars are usually large 1/5th scale models powered by anengine that is similar to a lawn mower engine but optimized for RCcars.

Nitro models run on special Model Nitro fuel and cannot be runon normal petrol. Model Nitro fuel is widely available in modelshops.
Nitro powered cars are the most common kind of RC cars with acombustion engine, and are available in a variety of differentscales.

How Much Are Spare Parts?

You can find the spare parts listing for your car by finding thecar on this website and then clicking on the 'Standard Parts'option. Alternatively you can enter the item part number in thequick search box at the top of the page.

Once you have found the part you are looking for then you shouldsee the RRP next to it. Alternatively you can contact your localmodel shop who will be happy to let you know the price of the partsyou need.

What Is A Glow Plug Igniter?

A glow plug igniter is a battery-powered spring-loaded tube thatfits over the glow plug of an engine to heat up the glow plug untilit is red-hot (usually 2-3 seconds is all it takes). With fuel inthe carburettor, the pull starter is pulled or the starter boxengages the flywheel. If the engine is tuned properly, it willstart right up. Every R/C nitro engine needs a glow plugigniter to start.

My Engine Revs But The Car Doesn't Move!

It's likely that your slipper clutch is loose. The slipperclutch is a torque limiting device that is intended to reducestress on the drivetrain of your car.

You can find a tutorial on www.hpieurope.com that details howyour slipper clutch should be set. If your car appears to bedifferent to the cars shown in the tutorial then you can refer toyour instruction manual for details of setting up the slipperclutch.

If your slipper clutch is set correctly and the car is still notmoving then it's likely that there is a problem with your clutch.Please refer to the instuction manual for your car for full detailson how to service and maintain your clutch.

Can You Fix My Car For Me?

Unfortunately we don't offer a repair service ourselves,although your localmodel shop may be able to help you.

In many cases the repair that you need to carry out will bequite simple, and it will be quicker, cheaper and more rewardingfor you to carry out the work yourself. We're always happy to offerhelp or advice if you get stuck too, although all cars and mostparts are supplied with comprehensive instructions.

I've Seen The Cars Jumping On Your Website, How Do I Do That Without Breaking Them?

The easy answer to this one is practice! We'd suggest you startoff with small jumps until you are confident you can control thecar in flight and land it cleanly. Once you've mastered this thenyou can progress to larger jumps. Don't over-estimate whatyou can manage though, remember that the drivers you see on ourvideos all have many years of experience driving these cars. Tryingto copy them straight away may result in damage to yourcar.

Once you have your car in the air you can use the throttle tocontrol it; appying more throttle will make the rear wheels of thecar drop, while applying the brake will cause the front wheels todrop. It's better to try and land the car on all four wheels at thesame time where possible, to minimise the risk of damage to thecar.

Help! I Need Some Instructions For My Car!

The instruction manuals for most of our cars andaccesories are available for download - just find which modelyou have and the instructions download will be underneath thepicture!

Can I Race My Car?

Yes you can! Most clubs in the UK are affiliated to the BRCA(British Radio Car Association) who list clubs and the classesthat they race on their website.

You can also ask at your local model shop tosee if they know of any local clubs. You'll probably find that manyof the staff race themselves and will be happy to offer help andadvice.

Where Is My Nearest Model Shop?

You can use our shop search facilty here to find a local modelshop who sells our products.

What Pullstart Fits My Car?

You can use this chart to help you identify which Pullstart,Rotostart and One Way Bearing fits your car:

I Have A Car That's Now Been Discontinued - Can I Still Get Parts For It?

We aim to keep parts for our cars available for at least twoyears after the car has been discontinued, although in many casesparts will continue to be available for much longer than that.

Where possible we will always try to suggest an alternative toany part that has been discontinued, or any other option parts thatmay be suitable.

Unfortunately if we list a part as discontinued and list noalternative it means that we have no more stock of the partand have no more available to us, so would not be able to supplyit. Some of our stockists may still have the parts in stock though,so we'd suggest searching for the part on Google or Ebay to see ifyou can obtain the part that way.

Hpi Also Distribute Maverick - Does This Have The Same Warranty?

HPI cars are supplied with an industry leading two yearwarranty, while the lower priced Maverick range have the more usual90 day warranty supplied with the car.

Maverick users still have access to the same experiencedtechnical support that is available to HPI users though, so feelfree to get in contact with your local Maverick distributor for anyhelp or advice you might need.

Do I Need To Keep The Till Receipt?

In a word - yes! In order to make any claim against yourwarranty your distributor will ask for you to provide a copy ofyour purchase receipt, so we'd suggest keeping it in a safe placeafter you've purchased the car.

What Does The Warranty Cover?

All HPI cars are supplied with a two year component and labourwarranty against any failures that happen as a result of amanufacturing or a design defect.

If you feel that you've experienced a premature failure of apart please contact either the shop that you have purchased yourcar from or our distributor in the country that the car waspurchased from. If you need help identifying the distributor thenyou can find them on www.hpieurope.com

Once you've been in contact with your distributor they will behappy to let you know what they can do to help resolve yourproblem.

If you'd like further information on our warranty then you canobtain a copy of the warranty document supplied with all HPI carsby letting us know and we can get one emailed over or postedout for you!

My Ariel Tube Is Too Long For The Ariel Wire?

During the refresh all HPI cars were updated and arenow provided with a 2.4GHz radio. These radio systems havemuch shorter antenna wires than the standard 27MHz radios that wereused before. The Antenna tube provided with your model stillcaters for the 27MHz radio therefore it is much longer than itneeds to be. To resolve this all you need to do is to cut the tubeso its a perfect fit for the wire. A perfect fit would be a coupleof millimeters shorter than wire so it hangs over a little. This isthen protected by the antenna cap.

How Fast Do They Go And For How Long?
upto 15 mins

 For Instructions on how long to charge your battery pleasefollow the 'How Long Does Battery Charging Take?' question.

How Do I Bind My 2.4ghz Transmitter To My Receiver?

Binding Radio Gear


1.Make sure everything is switched off

2. Hold 'Bind' button down on the Transmitter whilstturning the Transmitter on.

3. When the light on the Transmitter flashes release 'Bind'switch.

4. Hold the 'Bind' button down on the Receiver whilstturning on the Receiver. The LED will flash on the Receiver.

5. If there is no interference after 5 seconds the pair will bebound.


1. Make sure both the Receiver and Transmitter are in theEU mode or France mode if you are in France.

2. Make sure everything is turned off and are placed closetogether.

3. Turn the Transmitter on.

4. Hold down the 'Set up' button on the Receiverwhilst powering up the Receiver, either by using a switch orplugging in the battery.

5. Press the 'Bind' button on the Transmitter untillthe LED on the Receiver is continuously lit.

6. These should now be bound.

Maverick MTX-242

1. Turn the Receiver on.

2. Press the 'Bind' button on the Receiver until theLED on the Receiver flashes.

3.Turn on the Transmitter.

4.The LED on the Receiver will become solid and completethe binding process.

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