What's Faster Than a Vorza? ...not much!

Mon, 22nd August 2016

The HPI Vorza Flux HP is one of the dynamos of the HPI line-up of off-road cars. It's super fast, extra-tough, and built to bash, able to take jumps and crashes with ease, as you can see from the video above! 

It's also completely raceable, as you can see below! Just swap the stock HB Proto tires (which are great all-around bashing tires) for what works best on your track and do a bit of fine-tuning with camber settings, shock springs and similar small tweaks to get low lap times and top rankings. 

Of course, you don't have to take your Vorza to a skate park or RC track for some laughs. If you've got a frozen lake or pond near you, there's always ice racing! Or just drifting for the fun of it. 

But really, the Vorza is built for speed. SERIOUS speed. Speeds of well over 100mph: 

And when you're done with the speed runs you can always hit the dunes! 

But really, the Vorza and huge speeds go hand in hand...

And with big speeds come big crashes! 

And after those crashes (and maybe some spares!)...MORE SPEEED

What's the fastest you've gotten your Vorza to go? How far and how high was your biggest jump? 

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