Introducing HPI Racing's Part Finder

We all love our RC vehicles! They are our pride and joy and yet, whether it's blistering speed-runs or MASSIVE jumps - We also love pushing them to the absolute limit! So, it's no wonder that from time to time - The unthinkable happens...

The good news is, with HPI Racing's quality hobby grade vehicles, every part is designed to be replaced, repaired, or even upgraded! However, all products have a life cycle and at some stage will be discontinued. So whilst HPI products are available via our exclusive distribution network in 1000's of stores and websites across the world - it's inevitable that not all parts will be available in all regions all the time. 

That's why we've created our Part Finder system because it's incredibly important to us that when you invest in an HPI vehicle you are able to keep it on the road!


 Let's see if we can find the HPI part you are looking for...

Using the Part Finder portal you are able to enter some basic details: Your name, email address, country and the part you are looking for - This information will be passed to your official HPI Racing distributor who will be in touch to assist you. You can give it a go here


Do you know the part number of the part you are looking for?
If not, don't worry! There's two ways to identify the part and its number... 

 1. If you have your product manual, check out the exploded diagram pages towards the back. This will help you identify the part based on its apperance and location on the car.

If you don't have your product manual you can download it from herenew_explodedviews.jpg

 2. You can also locate the part details via the kitpage for your HPI vehicle

Find the kitpage for your product here

 From your products kitpage - check out the Standard Parts tab where you can locate the name  and number of the part you need


 So what are you waiting for...?

You can give it a try here


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