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All assembled/Includes gear box/Quicker acceleration/Higher top speed

Descatalogado, Repuesto: #87220

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Get the top speed and all-around acceleration you been wanting for your Savage X with the 3 Speed Transmission for the Savage X!

With the stock two speed, some racers and bashers want more acceleration out of medium-speed corners, and the Savage X 3 speed lets you get the acceleration you need all across the powerband of your engine! With an extra gear between low and high speed gears, you get more punch, more torque and more top speed! This 3 speed transmission is factory-built, so all you have to do is drop it in place to get instant track performance! It's even compatibile with the #87032 Reverse Module! For even more top-end speed, drop in the #77065 High Speed Third Gear Set! Find out just what is better than 2 speeds - drop in the Savage X 3 speed transmission!

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