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#86925 - 17mm HEX HUB SET FOR E-SAVAGE (4pcs w/LOCK NUTS)

E-SAVAGE/Must Use 17mm Wheel


With this set of 17mm hex hubs, E-Savage owners will be able to fit any monster truck wheel that uses a 17mm hex hub! This means a wide range of awesome HPI Savage wheels can now be used on the E-Savage, for cool new looks and easy tyre changing!

Add low-profile street style with HPI 7 inch wheels or go for all-out racing prowess with the aerodynamic dish wheels! The selection of wheels to the right are not all that's available, each of these wheels are also available in different colours and finishes! 17mm hex hubs resist stripping out better than 14mm hex hubs, and are perfect for E-Savages with modified motors and high voltage batteries. Roll in style with the 17mm Hex Hub Set for the E-Savage!

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