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#3188 - MAG-8 WHEEL MATTE CHROME (83X56mm/2pcs)

SAVAGE / HELLFIRE / 17mm Hex Hub

Descatalogado, Repuesto: #3186

MAG-8 wheels are the coolest retro look for the Savage monster trucks! These classic 8-hole wheels are moulded from tough, high-impact nylon and feature wide 17mm hex hubs for extra durability.

These are standard 83mm x 56mm monster truck wheels, so most monster truck tires will fit perfectly.

These wheels are sold in pairs and are available in bright white, stealth black, shiny chrome, and satin finish matte chrome center with shiny chrome outer ring.

#3185 MAG-8 WHEEL WHITE (83X56mm/2pcs)
#3186 MAG-8 WHEEL BLACK (83X56mm/2pcs)
#3187 MAG-8 WHEEL CHROME (83X56mm/2pcs)
#3188 MAG-8 WHEEL BLACK CHROME (83X56mm/2pcs)

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