Fully assembled with servo, 20-turn motor and reversing electronic speed control*, the RTR Sprint is the perfect way to get started in R/C! The box even includes a 7.2v battery, overnight AC charger and of course high quality Airtonics radio gear! The RTR Sprint was designed and built just for people new to the R/C hobby and folks who aren't sure if they want to go racing yet. With the RTR Sprint, it's easy to move from running in your driveway to racing at your local track!
Fun to drive! The 1/10 scale RTR Sprint is easy to drive and control, making it fun to drive with friends and other racers! Full-time 4WD makes it "hook up" on just about any surface!
The bodies and wheels that are included with each RTR Sprint kit make it easy to imagine you are racing the world's fastest cars! With the Porsche 911 Turbo body and the Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM, you put yourself in the driver's seat for maximum fun! Race-inspired features! Details like full-time four-wheel drive, oil-filled shock absorbers, proven racing design and geometry and durable plastic parts make the RTR Sprint great for racing and "bashing"! 14 ball bearings support the dual belt transmission, making it efficient and quiet! Details like these make it a simple matter to go from the parking lot to a race track! Quality electronics! With an Airtonics-made radio transmitter, servo and receiver, Reversing electronic speed control* and HPI Saturn 20-turn motor, you'll know you can count on the equipment that is preinstalled on the RTR Sprint.
Tough and durable! With a composite plastic front bumper, chassis, upper deck, suspension arms and shock towers, you'll see that the RTR Sprint can take the abuse of racing! The proven design features found on the RTR Sprint are also found on R/C cars that race at the highest levels of competition! Low maintenance! With sealed gear differentials front and rear, you never have to worry about time-intensive diff rebuilds on your RTR Sprint. The o-ring seals for the shocks prevent leaks and the clear shock bodies and look great! The strong and flexible polycarbonate body resists cracking and other damage! Upgradable and customizable! When you're ready, it will be easy to install a new HPI body, HPI wheels and other option parts on the RTR Sprint - it uses industry standard sizes and HPI original adjustable body posts to fit most 190mm wide bodies. The standard wheel adapters let you fit nearly any touring car wheel you want on the car. Don't forget to put HPI tires on those wheels, too! *HPI supply everything in the box except the speed control, but in most EU markets our distributor adds into the box a high quality speed control which has great after sales back up in that market. For example Nosram in UK, LRP in Germany

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