HPI @ WorldRX! Lydden Hill Comes A-Callin'

Thu, 9th June 2016


HPI Racing was at the amazing FIA World Rallycross event at Lydden Hill a couple of weekends ago, deep in the action with rallycross stars from around the world! 


In addition to fantastic rallycross racing action at the birthplace of rallycross, fans were treated to amazing displays of motorsport action from not just the door-to-door racing on the track, but also from Monster Energy athletes, including Steve 'Baggsy' Biagioni and Luke Woodham!


Located right next to the famous Monster Rig, the HPI Racing Rallycross Challenge Fan Experience Zone was perfectly situated to catch the racing action not only on the full-size track, but on the scaled-down track as well!



On display under the bright orange gazebo was a range of HPI vehicles, including classic rally cars, off-road trucks and drift cars. 



The HPI location right next to the Monster Rig meant driving beats all day - especially during the massive Rig Riot that happened every day!


The Rig Riot involves not just the famous Monster Girls but all the Monster Energy athletes at the event, passing out signed posters, throwing shirts to the crowd and tons of stickers! 



After the Rig Riot, the HPI crew threw down with most of the display vehicles, performing jumps and stunts for the adoring crowd!



It was great to meet so many new and returning HPI Racing fans during the weekend - while many kids were getting used to driving the Ken Block Micro RS4 around the scale Lydden Hill track, their parents were checking out the display cars and talking with us about their HPI cars and trucks! 


We're hoping to hit a few more events this summer, stay tuned to the HPI Facebook page as well as the HPI Instagram and Twitter accounts for up-to-the-minute news! 



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