MSUK Monster Jam

Wed, 8th August 2012

HPI was proud to sponsor the second Modelsport UK Monster Jam event, which featured a massive turnout from bashers and RC fans from across the UK! Here is a short report from Nick Shepherd, the organizer of the event: I'd like to give a huge thank-you to everyone who attended another awesome Jam! We all made new friends, shared laughs and a lot of spare parts! That is exactly what the Jam is about, bringing people across the country together to enjoy the hobby we love together.

There are thousands of funny, awesome photos out there and videos are slowly starting to make their way through, so head over to the Jam 2012 section here, to have a good look around. I really can't express how happy I am with everyone there, big thank-you to Jerre (Dirty_Electro) for help organising the event and while I'd love to list the people who gave their help setting up the event across the 3 days I'm scared to miss anyone out as everyone did so much but I am sure you know who you guys are! Another shout out to Modelsport UK, Traxxas and HPI for their sponsorship and support.

It was only the 2nd year, it's a completely new experience for me and I learn so much each time to take it forwards and upwards for the next one, it will be great to start looking back at the first few events and of seen how it has grown. Hopefully next year, we'll be a bit more central! For more photos from all the action, check out the MSUK forum!

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