TITC Race Report from Andy Moore

Mon, 12th March 2012

TITC 2012 This year's TITC was held at the RC Addict track in Bangkok. Home track to many of the Worlds best including Atsushi Hara, Jilles Groskamp, Meen V and Former World champ Surikarn! The event due a huge entry as normal and the practice days were almost as intense as the race days with up to 20 cars on track at any one time trying to find the perfect setup.

Myself, Hara and Shin all got plenty of practice in and tested allsorts of setups. By the end of practice I was confident that we all had top 5 pace and everything was looking good. Qualifying was a little mixed for me and I was not quite able to find the consistency I had in practice. I had a 3rd in round 1 and should have had another 3rd in round 2 but for a traction roll on my second last lap, which dropped me down to 6th in round. Round 3 was cancelled and used as a controlled practice due to an issue that had to be fixed with the controlled inserts. In round 4 my car just didn't feel right and I had a real lack of steering but was still able to post a top 10 run. At the beginning of round 5 I found out what my problem from R4 was when my car went straight on into a metal track divider.....the cause....servo motor failure ! Round 6 on the Saturday evening was to be the usual rocket round, with cooler temperatures and huge high bite. My car was good but just a little too edgy for the conditions and I had to drive a careful run to pick up a 6th and finish up 6th overall just behind Hara with scores of 3,6,6. Sometimes you have a set of finals where nothing goes your way, that's how my mains were. After a messy start to the first main things got even worse when I was taken out ending any hope of making it back to the front. The 2nd main I suffered a random rear belt failure slowing me right down for most of the run. The last main I had a much better start and finally looked to be able challenge the top 3 but an unlucky traction roll stopped my charge and I would have to settle for 9th overall.

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