"World Monster Truck" Competition

Wed, 12th May 2004

21st - 23rd May, Rognac, France

HPI Racing is proud to announce that the first “World Monster Truck” competition is being organised by the “Automobile Club Rognacais”. This spectacular event will take place between the 21st and 23rd May, 2004 in Rognac, France. Many racers from around the world are anticipated to take part in the competition and HPI’s Savage monster truck is expected to dominate the events! The competition will be split into several events such as freestyle jumps, tractor-pulling and time trail. Points will be awarded for different stunts performed by the drivers and their monster trucks – a basic jump constitutes 3 points through to a “double front-flip” that will earn the drivers a massive 20 points if executed to perfection! For more information visit the www.hpitour.fr.st website or contact Avio Tiger, HPI’s French distributor.
Basic jump: 3 pts Back turn: 5 pts Back flip: 7 pts
Front flip: 10 pts Double back flip: 15 pts Double front flip: 20 pts

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