The Savage 21 is not a small truck with a "big block conversion", it was designed from the outset to be able to handle the massive horsepower generated by the Nitro Star 21BB engine. The suspension arms are HUGE, and the dogbones and hinge pins are nearly twice as thick as the ones found on our Rush truck. The heavy-duty drivetrain is built tough, incorporating an adjustable slipper clutch, a complete set of rubber sealed ball bearings, metal gears and hardened components in the critical areas. A durable shaft drive system powers all four wheels for long tyre life and maximum traction on any surface.

The heart of the Savage 21 is a powerful .21 rear exhaust big block engine that features true ABC chrome sleeve construction, a fully adjustable dual needle 7mm slide carburetor, a large aluminum heatsink head, and a convenient pullstarter. A high performance exhaust is included, using a high flow aluminum tube exhaust header and a large dual chamber composite tuned pipe. The engine is mated to a two speed transmission that shifts from low to high gear automatically.

To help handle the power of the new 21BB engine we made the Savage 21 a full 2 inches wider and longer than a T-Maxx. The longest shock absorbers and suspension movement in its class allows the Savage 21 to soak up rough terrain with ease. A rigid aluminum TVP chassis (Twin Vertical Plates) gives the truck a strong and stable platform for extreme performance. The TF-4 radio system features super narrowband AM reception for long range driving, 3 channels for expandability, and the steering servo is a special high torque version tuned for the demands of a giant truck. The result is a giant truck with nimble and responsive handling previously found only on 4WD 1/10th scale trucks like our Nitro MT: very stable on or off throttle, with incredible jumping capabilities.

Massive power and sure-footed handling were our performance goals, but we also wanted the Savage 21 to look great too. So, we added shiny chrome 5 spoke wheels and giant treaded truck tyres. Then we created an all-new GT-1 body that captures the spirit of tough monster trucks and comes prepainted with a striking silver/purple/black paint scheme with all of the decals applied from the factory. To save time for the customer, the GT-1 body is trimmed and pre-mounted on the chassis. Realistic front and rear bumpers, simulated off-road driving lights, and our polished aluminum chassis frame combine to make the Savage 21 look great. Everything is packaged in a large box with colorful graphics that will attract attention in hobby shops, and it can also be used by the customer as an easy way to store their truck when it's not being driven.

The Savage 21 comes factory assembled, everything is done for you! Even the tires are glued to the wheels. In less than 15 minutes customers can be driving their Savage 21 trucks! Based on requests from our customers, we include a complete Instruction Manual that covers the entire assembly/disassembly process. Compatibility was also one of our goals, so we made the Savage 21 compatible with the huge variety of existing bodies/wheels/tyres that fit the T-Maxx. Of course, HPI will be offering many exciting option parts, we already have plans for extra bodies, a reverse module for the transmission, and several colorful anodised aluminum option parts!

To wrap up the package, the Savage 21 has a terrific price! Ship date for Assembled Version (#841): Early November Ship date for RTR Version (#831): February 2003, Features:

  • Giant 1/8th scale (16.8" x 21")
  • Factory assembled
  • Full-time shaft driven four wheel drive
  • Complete set of rubber sealed ball bearings
  • TF-4 radio system with high torque steering servo
  • Nitro Star 21 BB engine (ABC) with slide carburetor
  • Aluminum heatsink engine head
  • Composite tuned pipe and aluminum rear exhaust header
  • Cast aluminum heavy-duty engine mount
  • Heavy-duty drivetrain and suspension optimized for .21 engine
  • Hardened metal differential gears
  • Heavy-duty steel dogbones
  • Adjustable 2 speed transmission with heavy-duty metal internal gears
  • Adjustable slipper clutch
  • Adjustable disc brake
  • Wide-track suspension (nearly 17 inches wide!)
  • Stainless steel inboard hinge pins with anodized aluminum braces
  • 8 long stroke oil-filled coilover shock absorbers
  • Rigid aluminum TVP chassis (Twin Vertical Plates)
  • Large 160cc fuel tank with primer
  • Enclosed radio box for protection of electronics
  • Front and rear skidplate bumpers
  • Pre-painted trimmed GT-1 truck body with decals applied
  • Adjustable body posts (with extra mount for SUV bodies)
  • Chrome 5 spoke wheels and all-terrain tyres (with inner foam)

*Compatible with T-Maxx bodies *Compatible with T-Maxx wheels *Compatible with T-Maxx tyres --Optional reverse module for transmission (using the 3rd channel of the TF-4 radio system)

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