The HPI Nitro RS4 2 has been one of the most popular nitro kits ever, and now HPI is proud to announce its successor, the Nitro RS4 3! The new car is loaded with features that are designed to make it even better for parking lot drivers. Our number one request from customers was to eliminate the problem of rocks getting stuck in the drive belts, so we eliminated belts completely and added a tough shaft drive system similar to what has proven successful on our popular Nitro RS4 MT and Super Nitro Rally. "More speed!" was the next request, so we've revised our 15FE engine and added a new aluminum heat sink head, a one-piece manifold & composite dual chamber tuned pipe to deliver improved acceleration and top speed. Of course, our huge variety of realistic 200mm bodies will fit the new kit, excellent customer service support, and we made the Nitro 3 compatible with many of our existing hop-ups. If you're into the nitro street racing scene, give the new Nitro RS4 3 a try! Here are the major features of the Nitro RS4 3:
  • A new shaft drivetrain prevents damage from pebbles and stones
  • Full-time 4WD provides great handling on any paved surface
  • Our improved 15FE features a purple heatsink head
  • A limited-slip front diff makes driving easy and predictable
  • The removable radio tray makes cleanup simple and quick
  • 2.5mm countersunk chassis for a solid platform
  • Dual chamber tuned pipe and one-piece cast manifold
  • A complete set of ball bearings keeps everything rolling smooth
  • Pre-cut foam bumper keeps everything protected
  • D-Compound X-Pattern tyres grip just about everywhere
  • Adjustable body posts let you fit a variety of HPI bodies
Easy to Upgrade! In addition to any of our 200mm touring car bodies, the Nitro RS4 3 kit can also accept any of our touring car wheels, treaded or slick tyres, shocks, springs... it's all available and waiting to fit your car! In the HPI tradition of parts compatibility, many of the drivetrain hop-up parts from our popular Nitro RS4 MT will bolt right on. Of course, there will be several hop-ups available just for the Nitro 3, including a new 2 speed with threaded removable clutchbell gears, an optional thicker chassis, a new header, and many more to come. We even have fuel bottles, and Nitro Car Cleaner available so you can get rolling as quickly and easily as possible.

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