Mega Maverick Monster Truck Action!

With The Maverick Phantom XT

There's a reason why Maverick by HPI is the ultimate goto brand both for newcomers starting out in their RC hobby and those more experienced drivers adding a third or fourth vehicle to their fleet! ...It's because we get that people want to jump, wheely, bash (and crash) and be confident that their new RC pride and joy is tested and backed by HPI's seal of quality. Meaning spectacular action at your fingertips. Simply charge n' go and keep coming back for more!

And with the Maverick Phantom XT you get a powerful 4WD truck with enough speed to keep you on your toes, in a super easy to drive, awesome, fun package! 

This RC truck is truly a great taster for the RC hobby!


If it's action you want -

The Phantom XT comes preloaded with the MM-550 Brushed electric 550 high torque motor powering a tough shaft drivetrain spinning all 4 wheels for awesome 4WD action. While the waterproof ESC, water-resistant servo and gear cover mean the fun keeps coming and water or debris won't stand in your way!


2.4Ghz Radio System

Easy to Drive with a Real Steering Wheel Controller!

Anyone who has used a Maverick RC vehicle before will tell you that the MTX-244 transmitter makes for a fantastic driving experience with great throttle and steering response. When it comes to the Maverick 2.4Ghz radio system we cut no corners on quality or feel


Super-convenient Charging on the go!

Everything you need to get your Phantom XT up and running is included in the box with a 7.2V 1800mAh Maverick Element + NiMh battery pack and super-convenient Delta-Peak USB charger! Meaning you can charge your RC car battery with virtually any mobile phone wall charger! 


It's so easy and fun to drive!

To drive the Phantom XT, simply pick up the controller with your left hand, put your left index finger into the trigger area, and then put your right hand on the steering wheel – it’s as natural as driving a real car! Turn the wheel to go left and right, and gently pull on the trigger with your left index finger to go forwards. To stop the car, gently push away from you with your left index finger - then release and push away again to go into reverse. It takes seconds to get used to this easy operation, and pretty soon you'll be racing with your friends!



Mighty enough to cause trouble - Nimble enough to avoid it!

Mounted to the sturdy moulded tub chassis featuring optimized weight distribution, the High Torque MS-06WR steering servo controls the steering through a dual-point bellcrank system with an independent servo saver to protect the servo against crash damage.


Featuring independent double wishbone suspension with oil-filled adjustable shocks on all four corners, tough metal 4-gear differentials front and rear and a fitted gear cover to keep debris away from the spur gear, you can drive in any terrain with confidence and complete control. 


Every Maverick kit features a fully detailed and painted body

With a design that not only looks amazing, it provides additional protection for the chassis components.


#150000 Maverick Phantom XT 1/10 RTR Monster Truck


  • 4WD shaft drive Monster Truck
  • Brushed electric 550 high torque motor
  • Waterproof ESC and water-resistant servo
  • 2.4Ghz Maverick radio set with waterproof receiver
  • USB Charger included (2A input recommended)
  • 7.2V 1800mAh NiMh battery pack included
  • Gear cover to keep debris away from the spur gear
  • Differentials front and rear
  • Ball Bearings throughout
  • Independent double wishbone suspension
  • Oil-filled shock absorbers
  • Dual point bellcrank steering system
  • Separate servo saver
  • Pre-cut factory finished and decaled bodyshell
  • Molded tub chassis with optimized weight distribution


7.2V 1800mAh Ni-Mh battery stick pack
USB Battery Charger

Length: 415mm
Width: 325mm
Height: 175mm
Wheelbase: 298mm
Weight: 1.75kg

Items Required:
4 x AA Batteries

Specification may be subject to change

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