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Introducing the HPI E10 Drift! The E10 is the latest RTR-spec touring and drift machine from HPI, and will dazzle you with its ease of use and great looks! The E10 Drift is a four-wheel drive, factory-assembled, fully prepared 1/10th scale drift car from the same world-renowned HPI design team that is famous for user friendliness, racer appeal and usability. Aimed squarely at the new or casual RC car hobbyist, the E10 Drift will amaze you with its easy driving qualities and graceful drift driving!

The first thing that will strike you about the E10 Drift is how great it looks on the outside. Amazing quality bodyshells, crafted to perfection by HPI’s in-house craftsmen, are a trademark of HPI’s commitment to quality. Unique wheels in today’s latest JDM styles and realistic-looking drift tyres in long-lasting rubber compounds are great additions to enhance the realism of the E10 Drift.
Each bodyshell supplied with the E10 Drift is painted in bright colours that you can see a mile away. These are the same bodyshells that concours winners around the world have used to win trophies and medals! Applied carefully to the outside of the bodyshell are fully detailed decals of headlights, tail lights, vents, scoops and grilles for a totally really look that will truly impress your friends. The body post holes and aerial opening are pre-drilled, meaning there is nothing for you to prepare after opening the box!
     The E10 Drift rolls on special drifting tyres made from a unique hard plastic compound. You get easy drifting capabilities right out of the box, plus the cool street look from the included 7-spoke chrome wheels!
     Looking inside the wheels, you will see brake discs that rotate with the wheel, and separate brake calipers that stay in place – details not included on any other RTR car! This final style touch helps set the E10 Drift apart from all the other contenders!

All HPI RTR kits feature easy-to-use radio gear and electronics, and the E10 cars are no different. Right out of the box you will get great performance and superb reliability from HPI electronics! Every HPI E10 car is equipped with a narrowband high frequency dual channel AM pistol grip radio. The realistic steering wheel feel of this type of radio encourages the RC beginner to think of the E10 as a real car driving around a race course, and the feel of pulling back on the throttle trigger is just like stomping on the accelerator of a real car! Because all of the electronics are standard-size RC components with standardized connectors, any or all of the components can be upgraded at any time, or moved into a different RC vehicle in the future. The E10 will accept any standard 540-size motor in the E10, and also any RC battery pack, of either stick pack or side-by-side design.
     The HPI TF-1 radio transmitter features interchangeable frequency crystals, a retractable aerial, easy access to radio adjustments and simple battery replacement. The transmitter features servo reversing and easy access trim adjustment, plus a compact size to make it easy for you to get straight to driving your car. The comfortable pistol-shape controller fits easily in the hand and the steering wheel replicates the controls of a full-size car.
The RF-1 receiver and SF-1 servo have been used in many HPI RTR kits over the past several years and have proven their reliability and endurance many times over! You will get reliable long-range connections between your transmitter and car with the RF-1.
With the HPI SF-1 steering servo you will have dependable control with a strong unit that can last the lifetime of the car. You can also easily upgrade to a stronger servo if you want faster action; for the RC newcomer the SF-1 is the ideal solution.
The EN-1 is our latest electronic speed controller and features fully proportional throttle control as well as reverse. This means you have fine control over the acceleration and braking of your car. With the reversing function you'll also be able to back your way out of trouble!
Providing the electrical power to the car is a 1500mAh stick-type battery pack with a standard battery connector. This will give you plenty of run time for driving around an RC track, racing your friends or drifting in a car park! An overnight charger is also included which will safely and easily charge the battery to full capacity.
Powering the E10 is the sturdy and reliable Saturn 27T motor with standard ‘bullet’ type connectors. A 27-turn motor is powerful enough to provide any RC beginner with good acceleration and top speeds, but not so fast as to damage parts in a crash or cause you to lose control.

Beyond its great looks and dependable equipment, the next important function of any entry-level RTR car is to be tough! The E10 does this very well, absorbing all the abuse and damage you can throw its way. HPI designers have many years of experience in designing the best Ready-To-Run cars and trucks in the RC hobby. From the drivetrain and chassis to suspension and bodyshell, the E10 is strong, durable and long-lasting!
The E10 uses a tough shaft drivetrain to put the power to all four wheels, giving it permanent four-wheel drive! Sealed motor gears spin the centre shaft and the front and rear differentials, which give the E10 great cornering ability. With full-time 4WD, you can tackle just about anything the road can throw at you! The lightweight drivetrain features oversized driveshafts, efficient lubricated bushings and strong plastic parts to make it long-lasting and efficient. The motor is mounted on a unique cam motor mount that is marked for easy gear mesh alignment. A large cover protects the spur gear, and a snap-on cover keeps rocks away from the pinion and spur gear. The central driveshaft has longitudinal ribs to prevent excess flex, and is lightweight to provide maximum acceleration. The central driveshaft turns the front and rear sealed gear differentials. From the diffs, oversize outdrives spin thick dogbones to each wheel, providing power and grip for maximum four-wheel drive action!
Fully enclosed gearbox
Fine pitch gears (0.6 module)
Cam type motor mount for easy gear mesh
Oversized outdrives and dogbones
Large low-friction lubricated bushings
Tough steering linkage
The suspension parts (wishbones, shock towers, uprights and hubs) are all made from thick, long-wearing durable plastic so you don’t have to worry about making a few mistakes from time to time. A tough servo saver does the vital task of keeping the servo’s internal gears intact, and thick steering arms connect the servo to the front steering knuckles to protect the many moving parts of the steering system.
     An extra-wide, tough foam front bumper protects the car's front end and bodyshell during crashes and impacts. Protecting the rear of the car is a cool venturi-style bumper that looks like it came right off a GT racing car!
The E10 uses a simple system of threaded hinge pins for the suspension, making repairs easy to complete. Every hinge pin on the car uses this system, meaning there are no e-clips to worry about - something that experienced RC hobbyists will be very happy about!
Overall, the E10 is super-strong and extra-durable to withstand the rigours of driving on any kind of paved surface by RC drivers of any ability level!

With great looks, excellent electronics package and sturdy build, you might think that’s all the E10 has to offer, however this car is a joy to drive! The E10 takes performance cues from previous HPI championship-winning cars and durable design elements and bring them all together for a total package that is fun to drive, tough and featuring great performance!
The underside of the chassis is fully countersunk, which means it’s completely flat for driving over smooth or rough tarmac, and no screws stick out to catch on any debris that might be on your driving surface. The strong tub shape helps keep rocks and other debris out of the chassis, keeping the car cleaner for easy maintenance.
Giving you the widest range of power options, you can fit any standard 540-size motor in the E10 - these are the hobby motors you can find at any model shop. You can also fit any 5-cell or 6-cell battery in the car, of either hobby stick pack design or the racing side-by-side design.

Full-size drifting competitions consist of drivers controlling their car around a racing circuit to gain style points from the judges and spectators. The more style, drift angle, tyre spin and noise you can maintain around any corner, the more points you get! Drifting isn't about crossing the finish line first, it's about showing off and getting the most applause! To get a car to physically drift around a corner, the driver puts power to the rear tyres to break traction and swing around the rear end of the car, whilst still accelerating the car forward through the turn. Using the throttle, precise steering and subtle braking, the driver maintains the drift around the turn and guides the car into the next turn.
Of course, drifting isn't just about getting around the track - the look, the style and upgrading the drift car is half the fun of being involved with the drifting lifestyle! Fabulous assets/images, deep-dish wheels, loads of chrome, fat exhausts and wild, unique styling are all part of the show.
The E10 Drift is equipped with HPI's latest pro-spec T-Drift tyres, mounted on replica Rays 57S0 Pro 7-spoke, 0mm offset wheels for pure JDM looks!
The E10 Drift is set up right out of the box for easy handling, optimised for easy drifting and light handling. It’s easy and fun to learn driving your model car when it’s the HPI E10! The E10 Drift uses a combination of drift-specific parts and a special chassis configuration to give you the ultimately easy drifting experience. With the hard plastic T-Drift tyres you get the combination of forward grip and lateral slip that will let you get the smooth and graceful smooth drifting action that only the pro's can usually get! The unique motor configuration places the heavy motor at the front of the car, just like the real front-engine drift cars, making the E10 Drift more ideally suited for drifting than any other drift-specific RC car!
The E10 Drift can be easily converted to a sweet street machine with fantastic race handling by simply moving the motor to the rear of the chassis! This unique HPI innovation is only available on the E10 Drift and E10 Touring car kits, and allow you to easily change the driving and handling characteristics of your car. Swap out the T-Drift tyres for a set of #4738 Mounted T-Grip tyres, and you're all set to race! Also check out the Street E10 RTR kit which gives you awesome street performance, available where all HPI kits can be found!

     With famous HPI quality and support, plus proven HPI electronics, you will get a fantastic RTR value from the E10. Spare parts and replacements will be easily available through the HPI distribution network for years to come – this is no toy store car! Every piece of the car is replaceable, and ordering any spares can be done through your local model shop.
Cool drift-style bodyshells for perfect scale looks
HPI quality detailing on every bodyshell - decals are already applied
Wings and spoilers included for ultimate head-turning looks
Sweet 7-spoke chrome wheels wrapped with hard compound drift tyres
Fully pre-assembled chassis with electronics and radio gear installed
27-turn motor included for easy driving and strong performance
Sealed shaft drivetrain gives you maintenance-free driving and fun
Easily adjustable gearing with clearly marked motor mount
Sealed pinion and spur gear to prevent debris & stones from damaging the gears
Large foam bumper to protect the front suspension and bodyshell
Racing-style suspension on all four corners for confident driving in the corners
Dogbone driveshafts efficiently transfer power to the wheels and tyres

As with all HPI cars and trucks, you get a full, in depth instruction manual with step by step instructions that allow you to easily disassemble and reassemble your car for maintenance and easy servicing.
- 10712 RTR E10 DRIFT with Mazda RX-7 FD3S 190mm (Painted/190mm/CE- 2pin); - 10713 RTR E10 DRIFT with Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 (Painted/190mm/CE- 2pin) - 10722 RTR E10 DRIFT with Mazda RX-7 FD3S 190mm (Painted/190mm/CE- 3pin) - 10723 RTR E10 DRIFT with Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 (Painted/190mm/CE- 3pin) Comes with factory assembled chassis, pre-painted bodyshell, radio gear, motor, car battery, wall charger. Also contains a detailed instruction manual. Ready to drift straight from the box!

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