HPI Sponsors the Bank Holiday Bashfest!

Wed, 5th September 2018


During the August bank holiday weekend the last weekend of August, dedicated large-scale enthusiasts across the UK gathered once again for the annual Bank Holiday Bashfest! First organized several years ago for off-road bashers of all scales of RC, the Bashfest now comprises mostly large-scale and 1/8th scale drivers taking to a variety of tracks and driving areas, during a weekend of fun, banter, wrenching and driving! We'll let the Bashfest organizers tell you about everything that happened during this epic bashing weekend! 


Bank Holiday Bashfest is the UK’s largest 5th scale RC car event. It brings people together who share the same interest and passion for radio controlled cars. Bashfest is fun, exciting and family-friendly allowing all ages to participate and get involved whether they are drivers or spectators.




Bashfest was originally founded by Rob Harpham from Innovative RC and Neil Miller from Silverback RC. They did a fantastic job getting the event to take off the way it did and everyone is so grateful for all their efforts.



The current organisers Matty Wickenden, Robert Bottrell, Aaron Jenkins, and Lee Williamson took over the event this year and hope to keep it going for the foreseeable future. They want to keep bringing people together and also develop the event so it is able to continue bringing happiness and safety to all. They are hoping to open it up to new opportunities and ideas allowing it to expand and grow for the future. Several RC companies, including HPI Racing, donated some great raffle prizes to help pay for the event, as the marquees, space and other equipment all cost money - of course, the organizers and many other people donated their own valuable time as well to make the Bashfest happen! 


Bank Holiday Bashfest currently opens up 3 tracks for everyone to use; the oval, the technical and the 8th scale. The Oval and Technical tracks are marshaled by volunteers and attendees of the event, and without these amazing people, there would be no event. So a massive thank you to all of you!


The oval is absolute carnage with 5th scales flipping, doing donuts, crashing, flying down the straights and drifting round the ends of the track.


The technical track is loved by everyone including national racers as it requires a bit more skill and concentration with tight turns and jumps to break up the madness.


The 8th scale track is open to all ages with smaller cars to keep them from being destroyed by the 5th scales. Over the course of the weekend a few races are held on the oval and technical tracks which people enjoy getting involved with; The Team Endurance, The LLP Race, The Elimination and The Show & Shine. Each of them has their own set of rules and the winner of each event receives a trophy or prize. You’ve got to be in it to win it!


So with carnage, mayhem and crashing must follow with breakages so the event has a growing list of sponsors who are on hand selling products and parts, offering advice and sometimes even helping with fitting the parts. These fantastic people are also the ones who help to make the Bashfest Raffle happen. They all donate some fantastic prizes from bead locks to clutch kits, t-shirts to tool sets, and main prizes such as a holiday or a Baja and so much more.


People come from far and wide for not only the opportunity to drive their cars on the tracks but also to meet new people and have the chance to put names to faces, get advice and tips on how to improve the performance or look of their RC cars, and also they come to Bashfest to enjoy camping, socialising around the fire pit and the banter which creates nothing but laughter and a brilliant atmosphere from start to finish for everyone.

If you haven’t had a Bashfest experience yet, it is highly recommended you attend the event and be a part of the fun and madness.

Take care from the Bashfest Organisers and Team! 


Some people who attend the event, whether regulars or new, have been asked to write about their Bashfest experience. Here are some replies that were received.

"Well overall the Bashfest experience for me over the past 4 events has been awesome with very well laid out tracks and organisation. The fact that it’s a weekend event makes it all the more worthwhile to attend, and getting to meet new people in a like-minded environment really works well, everyone’s always willing to help fix/build and advise on all aspects of the 1/5th and the smaller rigs like nitro and electric RC.... camping is great, banter is epic and the tracks are awesome I would be gutted if this event was to ever stop! Let’s all do what we can to keep this hobby/life going" – From Roger Baker


"As a complete newbie to this whole event, my answers are given based on my short experience of it during the Sunday - 1) The Bashfest event had a great atmosphere to it all. Everyone was so welcoming and it was nice to see RC drivers working on their cars, helping other drivers with whatever mechanical issues they had (even using their own parts on other people's cars) and once it stopped raining it was awesome to see the cars in action! 2) It's not my usual thing to go to but Charlie Case invited me to it and I'm glad he did because I will be coming back to help out, chat with everyone and one day - RACE!!! 3) If there was no Bashfest then I'd be devastated as I'm saving up for my own RC car to go and race against all the other cars there."

- From Matthew Goddar


"Bashfest is an event that brings hundreds of people, of all ages and gender, together and allows them to not only race their RC cars that they have made into their own and spent money on, but to also do it safely under the provision of track marshals and event organisers. It also allows friends and families to join the participants energy from seeing the different designs of shells and the unique driving skills (!) of said RC drivers, between the two racing tracks. I not only come to Bashfest with my partner and his friend (who become very eager to be at the site) to watch what they love doing but to also make friends with the other people attending the event whether it be the drivers, other spectators or the event organisers. I would feel very disheartened to hear if Bashfest was no longer around, as it gives me a chance to get away from reality of work and chill in an environment that is especially made for everyone to forget about what’s going on in the outside world and have FUN!"

- From Leanne Turner


"Bashfest has grown from the word go, from Bashfest 1 to Bashfest 13 - I should know, I've been to every one! It's always gotten bigger and safer, and it's good for the beginner right up to the national level racer. It's a great place to relax, drive, meet up with old friends and have a laugh. The new team have done an exceptional job since taking over after the foundation was laid by Robert and Neil, it was their effort that got this whole thing off the ground, so to those two lads we all owe a large amount of gratitude."

- From Martin Fitzpatrick


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